Need More Culture in Your Life? Watch a Klingon Opera

Going to the opera is not everyone’s cup of tea, but this new opera being showcased in The Hague (Netherlands) just might make even the staunchest “opponents” of opera go watch it.  Dubbed “u,” the opera is the first production ever to be sung completely in an alien language.  Foreign language enthusiast, are you?  Forget it – those operas are nothing compared to “u,” which is in Klingon! (At least in terms of novelty.)

Trekkies would already know what “u” means in English, but for the benefit of those of us who do not speak the language, it translates to “universe” or “universal.” That should give us an idea what the opera is all about.

So who would dream up something like this?  It is pretty obvious that only a hardcore Star Trek fan would dare put on such a show, right?  Well, the men behind the opera are Marc Okrand and Floris Schonfeld, who give us a little bit of insight behind their weird brilliant idea in the snippet that the BBC has published.  According to Schonfeld, “The Klingon are known as passionate opera lovers but at the same time very little was known about Klingon opera here so as far as I was concerned that was a very interesting challenge to try and make an authentic, or as authentic something out of that as possible.”

In case you didn’t know it yet, Klingon is a “real” language.  Well, it really is technically a fake language, that is, it was invented for the fictional aliens in Star Trek.  However, the language really took off among certain groups of people, and it is actually being used today.  The chances of you and me actually having people in our immediate circle who speak Klingon fluently are small, but still, the idea of being fluent in the language is pretty cool to me.  (Upon hearing about “u,” I actually considered learning Klingon for a few seconds.)

Unfortunately, the show started on the 10th of September and was only slated to run for three days.  Who knows, the opera might be coming to your neck of the woods in the future?

Photo credit: Kingfox

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