Ah, LEGO. Since its inception, this company appealed to many a child’s imagination. The power of colored bricks is strong, and not just with children: LEGO is as much an adult thing as it is a child thing. Engineers and roboticists use LEGO to try out and explore concepts. There are even LEGO Robotics championships out there.

So it isn’t surprising that we would find a lot of geek and nerd material in the LEGO world. LEGO has several video games and licensed products that could be considered nerdy by themselves, but where it truly shines is in the creative world of MOC (“my own creation”). These go beyond the traditional LEGO sets and out into the imagination of the people. Let’s check out the 7 nerdiest LEGO you can find out there!

The 7 Nerdiest LEGO Builds You Can Find

 1. The LEGO Rubik Cube Solver

Yes, this is a thing, and one build by the aforementioned adult engineers out there. Mike Dobson and David Gilday took 18 months to build CUBESTORM3R III – the third version of their Rubik’s Cube solver robot. This amazing creation is the combination of 6,000 LEGO elements (of the Mindstorm type), a cellphone and a lot of creativity. This robot isn’t just impressive on its own, either. It’s also record-breaking, as it can solve a Rubik’s cube in three seconds. Rubik’s cubes are nerdy enough on their own, but a robot that solves them? Made of LEGO? Yes. Even nerdier.

2. The Map of Europe

53,500 bricks went into this massive detailed map of Europe. There is art to cartography and this definitely fits the bill. The map not only presents an accurate shape for Europe, but it also adds various landmarks (also brick-built) such as the Pisa Tower, Colosseum, and more. It’s 3,84m by 3,84m.

3. Han Solo in carbonite

lego moc

Star Wars is a staple in geek and nerd culture, so of course, there are many nerdy Star Wars related sets out there. LEGO itself makes several sets, having a full theme for it and even advent calendars as it’s one of the most popular franchises ever. Still, some people will take it to the next level, like this near full-sized build of Han Solo frozen in carbonite. LEGO Master Builder and artist Nathan Sawaya is the one responsible for this build, as well as many more.

4. Futurama’s New New York

lego moc

This full build of Futurama’s New New York is not only a feat of LEGO craftsmanship, it’s also a geek’s dream. The very popular cartoon is full of interesting concepts in science and mathematics and created an enormous following. This build, on the other hand, is very faithful to the show, with an immense amount of detail, including lights and minifigures.

5. Steampunk Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

lego build

Steampunk is a very nerdy thing. It plays on science fiction in a Victorian or Edwardian period of time – well before the microchip existed. Add to that the uber famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and we have something simultaneously unique and awesome. Karen Quinn made an excellent build that looks the part as well as lots of fun!

6. Ending scene of the original Planet of the Apes

lego build

Who doesn’t know this classic scene from the original Planet of the Apes? Science fiction is a staple in nerd culture, as mentioned above, and classic science fiction even more so. This build by Sean Jensen perfectly captures the scene, down to the tone of it and the beautiful seaside. In special, the representation of the Statue of Liberty overgrown with vegetation is very effective – and realistic, as much as possible.

7. Geek Room

lego build

This sweet little set suggested in LEGO Ideas is in need of support and delivers exactly what it says. It’s a geek’s room, with all sort of paraphernalia often seen around boy’s and girl’s rooms everywhere. Lightsabers, miniatures, computers, and helmets – what geek doesn’t want a room like that? You can find out more and support it here.

So these are some of the nerdiest LEGO creations! There are many more out there as well, so feel free to send more over to us in the comments below!

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