Everyone has his own dream game room – if you already have yours, get out of here. (Or, no. Stay. You just might change your definition of “dream game room”.)

If you’re still dreaming, you can stay. Here’s something that will inspire you: the NES Game Room.

Designed and built by imgur user tylerfulltilt, the room is exactly what its name says.

It started from this. Just paper.

awesome game rooms

Then a little bit of work was done…with something like this in between.

NES Game Room

DIY-ers, you’re already knee deep in this, aren’t you?

Let’s go straight to what will make you envious. The final product.

NES Game Room

The kids seem to like it. I hope they fully realize how awesome their room is!

NES Game Room

The making of the NES game room

Check out the entire gallery.

Game room pics

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