We all know the pure amazing that was Stranger Things. The whole country has become obsessed with this show and its Spielberg traits and characteristics we grew up loving so much. It pretty much hit everything on the head as far as making something the world truly wanted to see.

Only problem most of us are facing now is the desperate wait for the official announcement that it is coming back. Well, Netflix just confirmed season two with a brand new teaser. Warning, it does a lot of teasing, thus how it earned its name (the teaser). But who cares, it just shows us more Stranger Things is coming and what kind person would not be into that?

See, told you. It gives away very little. but it does achieve exactly what is was trying to do. Make fans of the first season drool on themselves at the simple prospect this wonderfully creative show IS coming back for sure, and does intend to continue the same story and take it even further. Giving us some more solid answers, but most likely to lead to a bevvy of OTHER mind-blowing questions and theories.

But that is what we love about this show. Fun, nostalgic, and everyone seems to have different thoughts and views on the story. The speculation of where it will go next really excites us. Expect to hear more soon.

(Image, story Via i09)

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