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Netflix is for Nerds (and We Mean That In A Good Way)

You would have to be walking thorough life asleep to not notice what is going on around you in popular culture right now. The geeks and nerds have finally taken over. It took us some time, but we did it. From zombie TV shows ruling the airwaves to comic book movies being the main order of the day in most major movie theaters as well, it is clear to see the meek HAVE inherited the earth. And the one place this is on display the most (outside of the SyFy channel) is on Netflix. Where once, Netflix was a place we went to watch stuff we had seen before, it has branched out and started making movies and shows, and I do believe you notice a theme to some of those shows, right? Geeks. I swear it on my swollen, fatty heart, Netflix is for nerds, and that is a damn good thing.

Some Filler and Shite (But Not Much)


Okay, so I will be the first to admit, giving Adam Sandler a deal to make six movies was kind of a MEH thing to do, but we can look past that. Once you do look past that, though, what do you see for original programming? While a good deal of it is drama (and awesome drama at that, speaking of Narcos and Bloodline), there have been a few, select kick-ass shows that have shown up on the network and kind of changed the way we look at comic book TV.

No offense to the DC shows like Flash and stuff, but the Netflix super hero shows are treated like movies. The bloody violence and sex we don’t get in any of the movies is all there (well, the Deadpool movie being the one exception) and surprisingly, the shows are all good. Daredevil’s first season kicked ass. Then, Jessica Jones‘ first season somehow was better than Daredevil. THEN, Daredevil’s second season is better than Jessica Jones’. We also know we have a few more comic book shows coming from Netflix soon. Luke Cage and Iron Fist. If these two shows do as well as JJ and DD, Marvel will be all over Netflix even more, and we can only expect that to grow exponentially.

The Nerd Network Cometh


Now keep in mind, Netflix has ALSO added a great number of the amazing DC animated movies recently as well. So not only does Netflix have two, original and awesome comic shows, it is about to have four, and it has a plethora of incredible other nerd offerings as well. From Son of Batman to Justice League: War, DC is very well represented there (though not so much in original programs), so it is not like they are just pushing Marvel. They are pushing all geek stuff if you really do look into it enough.

And we have to keep in mind, this is still just the beginning. Netflix is now giving the green light to original films and I.P’s as well, so who will know how much more nerd filled it will be in the next decade as it grows more and more. It is funny, because if you had told us about a Daredevil show featuring a killer version of the Punisher ten years ago, we would not have believed it years ago. Yet, here we are.

Recognize the Fan Service


First of all, we would have never gotten more Arrested Development if it were not for Netflix, so we all need to bow down and thank them for that amazingness. Next up, look at how fans get treated. A new Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (also the name of my penis) movie drops out of nowhere. We get new seasons of shows we thought we never would. We get exposed to international films and TV, which opens the door for that much MORE nerd TV. Hell, even the Disney line up of TV and movies are getting better and better. The less we say about Fuller House the better. We will call that one a mulligan. The point is, do not expect this trend to buck or change. Netflix is truly the people’s network, and the world has finally realized the people are geeks and nerds, and that is pretty f*cking awesome if you ask me.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go watch the new Pee Wee Herman movie they just dropped this week. Yes, we have new Pee Wee movie, which proves exactly my point. Thank you Netflix, you are the network I always dreamed of. Nerds unite! Speaking of nerds uniting…here is a trailer that proves my above argument once and for all.


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