Fandom Friday: Things We Love About Netflix's Jessica Jones

Netflix has done a marvelous job with Daredevil, so much so that it bests most of DC’s TV shows at the moment. I do think, however, that with Jessica Jones, Netflix has upped the ante even more. Even those who didn’t really know much about this superheroine have fallen for her after watching the series.

So what do we love about Netflix’s Jessica Jones? Let me count the ways.

Things we love about Netflix’s Jessica Jones

Title sequence

It’s to be expected. Daredevil has a pretty good title sequence. Netflix had to make sure that their next superhero show was at par – or even better.

I love how the music slowly builds up, first reminding me of Dexter’s opening sequence and then bringing up Daredevil’s heaviness. The artists have done a great job, which I think is an appropriate representation of the main character – blurry and with defined outlines in the background.

Jessica Jones’s complexity and simplicity combined

Gender aside (this has been a huge talking point for many geek sites, but I prefer not to harp on about it as I don’t think it’s that much of a deal), Jessica Jones’s character is just as tangled as the cables in the back of my TV.

On the one hand, she is sitting there in the corner fighting demons in her head, mumbling to herself to stay sane. She drowns herself in alcohol. She pushes people away from here. And while most superheroes have daddy issues (that’s a prerequisite, isn’t it?), Jessica’s extends to her entire family. All this contributes to the complex goings on in her head – and behavior.

On the other hand, she is as blunt as a baseball bat to the face. As aggressive as a threatened male rhino.

And she’s as simple as a kind-hearted person who cares about others and does what she can to help.

She’s scared to death of what Kilgrave can do, but she willingly goes to his (her) house to be with him.

Perhaps the bottom line is that we are all like her (without the super strength) to a lesser degree. And that makes her lovable to us.

David Tennant

No one can deny that he is a great actor and that he does a great job playing Kilgrave. Now if you know how much of a Whovian I am (though my doctor the Ninth), you might wonder why I said “great” and not “awesome” or “perfect”.

This is why: while David Tennant as Kilgrave makes you swing from left to right – you hate him and then you kind of understand him – there seems to be a tad bit lacking from his performance. It could be that we still see the Doctor in him and that we feel he could do more to get out of that role.

That being said, David Tennant’s performance is an integral part of the show. The combination of flippant and intense, selfish and somehow caring – he is almost the perfect villain.

The clincher: he doesn’t see himself a bad person. He is like a kid with a powerful “talent”, which may or may not be harnessed for good. With Kilgrave’s background, life experiences and obsession with Jessica, this opens up a whole world of possibilities.


Last, but not the least, is how the show frees the viewer from the chokehold that the PC brigade has gained on society. I do have my boundaries, but political correctness has gone way too far in recent years. No wonder there are people who go to great lengths to make fun of political correctness!

Jessica Jones is one big piss-take at censorship and butthurt attitudes. It may be a bit too blunt for some (I, for one, wouldn’t recommend my younger cousins to watch it – at least not without some sort of supervision), but overall, it keeps things real and doesn’t cut out elements that will take away from the tone of the show. From cursing to alcohol problems to rape – the show tackles these topics head on ruthlessly. No apologies. And that is a breath of fresh air to the “euphemised” shows on TV today.

What do you love about Jessica Jones? Or do you not like the show at all?

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