Netflix Marvel TV: Stronger Than Their Movies (and Why)

There is a massive discrepancy between Marvel TV shows and Marvel movies. While Marvel’s movies have been killing DC’s efforts as of late, I noticed something (Dr.) strange over the last year. Though Marvel movies can be damn good (Logan, Deadpool, Iron Man, Winter Soldier as prime examples), sometimes Marvel flicks tend to look like a massive, shiny, GC messes where a group of good guys (or single good guy) is trying to stop some CG thingy from taking some shiny stone with a fancy name.

Keep in mind, I have been a Marvel geek since 5 years old, so I KNOW they are fighting over the infinity gems that Thanos will eventually get his hands on and pretty much try to end civilization at which point every Marvel character we’ve met so far will meet up in the Infinity Wars movies and whole whole thing will be just one, big, shiny, CG downtown fight scene.

But Netflix doesn’t do that, and what Netflix does with Marvel characters actually works better. Seems the movies could take a step back and learn something from their shows for a moment.

Here’s how…

The Pro-Netflix Argument

This argument/debate can be won by one simple point. You pretty much always know what is going on in a Netflix Marvel show. At no point, is there so much going on that you are confused and bewildered. I have taken a 70 year old man to a Marvel film and seen him just massively overwhelmed ( love you for trying, Dad) but sit down with him to watch Luke Cage and he gets it. You know why?

Because Netflix TV is not obsessed with big, fancy, CG set pieces (and they cannot afford them on their budgets, thank God) so they actually focus on, wait for it, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT (GASSSPPP)! One season with Luke Cage and Jessica Jones and I feel like I understand both their characters better than Thor, who just seems to like being handsome and snarky, which also sums up Iron man.

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But the Netflix Marvel superheroes are nuanced and flawed and we know them on an almost personal level, which in turn, makes them and their worlds far more believable than what we see in most Marvel movies.


Here’s another aspect to Netflix’s Marvel shows that win over the movies. ALL the Marvel movies are aimed at tweens except Deadpool (and wouldn’t you know it, Deadpool is now the most financially successful R-rated movie of ALL TIME) but Netflix has NO RULES so people can fuck and people can die in gruesome ways (that 1000 cuts scene in Jessica Jones seen above is perfect example). Though blood and sex may seem like a childish thing to want to add, these are people. People bleed and fuck, you and I do, too. Get over it.

I really don’t dig the fact that every Marvel movie (and all movies in general now) aim for PG-13 ratings in hopes to swoop in as much cash as they can. I respect the desire for them to profit, but watering down material for mass approval is sellout shit.

Wolverine straight fucks shit up, nothing else. So the simple fact that he has been in TEN fucking PG-13 movies (not kidding you BTW, 10) is just not okay. That is like making the Punisher into a Saturday morning cartoon. Cut the shit, Marvel. We are all adults here for the most part, we can handle it.

Real Story Arcs

My final argument is you cannot have a real story arc in a two hour movie that is only action scenes. All these Marvel films boil down to the EXACT same thing now:

Keep bad guy from getting that stone!

I understand they are setting up a bigger satory but using 25 movies that all have the same story to do that is weak. It is like when a band you like releases a remix album. Fuck off, I want new music. And “new music” is what Netflix is to Marvel. Gone are the shiny rocks and over-the-top everything, replaced by heroes who all have driven purposes for doing what they are doing and who (wait for it again………) ACTUALLY FEEL LIKE REAL PEOPLE. Foggy on Daredevil is SO FUCKING ANNOYING I wanna punch his face in. But if you know where the Daredevil story eventually goes, you know that urge is put there for a reason. They are planting seeds, and doing an awesome job whist their movies just jam proverbial cocks into our mouths relentlessly.

But the movies are just one dimensional and really give us very little insight into the actual heroes and the people they are. Three Spider Man reboots in a decade prove this fact to very much be true.

But I do have a little warning to Netflix, too. Careful, with Legion it looks like FX may have just made the most badass Marvel anything yet, so good luck keeping up with that. Iron Fist has better be damn good.

More on Legion from me, coming soon…. 

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