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Netflix Originals: Every Country’s Favorites

Viewers around the world are staying indoors and streaming like never before, but are we all watching the same things, or are viewing tastes different from country to country?

Netflix has gone to great efforts to reach an international market, using a strategy that combined localization (that is, translation and cross-cultural adaptation), and international content-creation to appeal to local audiences. That seems to have worked pretty well, as the platform now reaches 183 million subscribers in 190 countries.

So what are people’s favorite shows in different countries? To find out, Budget Direct has collated data from Google searches and Flixable’s genre categories to identify the most-searched-for Netflix Original titles in every country from the past year.

The overall favorite Netflix Original in the world is Stranger Things. Nostalgia for small-town science fiction horror has an appeal that transcends international boundaries, although it probably helps that the show has been dubbed in nine languages and subtitled in 22.

Stranger Things has attracted 7,420,860 searches worldwide and is the favorite show of multiple countries on every continent except for Africa. There, viewers prefer to get their fantasy fix in the form of the epic adventures of The Witcher, and favor the heist drama series La Casa de Papel overall.

La Casa de Papel is a firm favorite in many countries on other continents, as well. The Spanish crime series, which was dubbed and re-named ‘Money Heist’ for the English-language market, won best drama series at the 46th International Emmy Awards and is a favorite in five North American countries, a chunk of south-eastern Europe, and half of all South American countries, as well as much of Africa, and the Middle-East.

La Casa de Papel hasn’t found an audience in the rest of Asia and Oceania, though. This region’s favorite Netflix Originals are a little more wide-ranging, albeit with fewer viewers. Stranger Things is still popular in this region, with 165,000 searches for some ‘upside-down’ drama ‘down under’ in Australia, and The Witcher received 8,100 searches in Sri Lanka.

The martial arts manga series Baki is most popular in nine out of fifty-two countries in the region, including the Pitcairn Islands and Tokelau. However, the show only received ten searches for the show in each of those countries, so it seems likely that Netflix’s localization team hasn’t really reached those countries yet.

Check out these illustrated maps to find out more about which Netflix Original shows and movies are creating a buzz around the world.

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