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Your Guide to She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

The 1980s was a really “weird” time. It was an era of disco, odd fashion, Selleck ‘staches, neon, and nuke scares – lots of ’em. Of course, life went on despite that and people still found a way to find hope and distraction, for children (maybe even adults) it was He-Man and The Masters of the Universe. One character from the He-Man-verse proved to be a lot more resilient and relevant than the rest, and that is She-Ra, who now has her own She-Ra reboot.

Initially, She-Ra was made to be the female counterpart and sister of He-Man, serving to extend the appeal of Masters of the Universe but with a female demographic in mind. However, a quick Google search for “She-Ra Netflix” can prove that She-Ra has become something more, being one of the few strong warrior princesses in pop culture, apart from a certain Themysciran. The reboot, aptly titled She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is now available on Netflix with more relevant characters and storyline.

So start practicing your warrior princess bellows as She-Ra is back and she has the power! This time around, it’s not just girl power that She-Ra is resonating with, but also everyone else’s no matter which color they belong to in the “rainbow” or what skin color they have. A lot has changed indeed, so here’s a guide to help you get familiar with the She-Ra reboot characters:


Photo by Twitter/@DreamWorksSheRa

You can’t have a She-Ra reboot without She-Ra herself. If He-Man is now considered somewhat gay by today’s standards, well, She-Ra is even gayer today, and for good reason. This She-Ra appears to be a lot younger than the ’80s version, so as to appeal to a younger generation, don’t worry Gen Y people, there’s plenty to recognize in her still.


Photo by Polygon

She-Ra’s alter ego, or is it the other way around? Anyway, she has this “fabulous secret power” using a mighty sword which transforms her into She-Ra, a strong and powerful warrior princess. With her newfound powers, she has vowed to join and help the Rebellion against her tyrannical foster-parent Hordak and his Horde.

Swift Wind

Photo by Twitter/@DreamWorksSheRa

Never has there been a more majestic talking horse than when Donkey transformed into a stallion in “Shrek 2.” Swift Wind was in a similar situation, being an ordinary horse until Adora accidentally made him an LGBT rainbow unicorn who can talk and regularly speaks his mind. More fabulous than the ’80s counterpart thanks to the She-Ra reboot.


Photo by Twitter/@DreamWorksSheRa

She serves as the frenemy of Adora/She-Ra with their Adorable love/hate relationship since Catra is still part of the Horde. Beyond that, pretty much the same Catra as the ’80s version but younger too and appears to represent the furries sexuality a lot more than her past counterpart.  EVERY color of the rainbow. Even furries. Told you so.

Princess Glimmer

Photo by Twitter/@DreamWorksSheRa

Certified princess of the Rebellion, the one which Adora/She-Ra joined. This is both her blessing and curse, as princesses can’t fight. Unfortunately for Glimmer, she craves action (violent action) and excitement in her life, something prim and proper millennial or Gen Z girls all want but can’t have because of their Gen Y and Gen X parents’ uptightness.

Princess Perfuma

Photo by Twitter/@DreamWorksSheRa

Flowers, of course, princesses love flowers, fragrant ones. You know who else does? This character, she wears flowers and pink clothing and is also blonde, can’t get more feminine than that. Appears to be a pacifist– eh, flowers, who would have thought?

Princess Mermista

Photo by Twitter/@DreamWorksSheRa

A bored mermaid who is also an emotionally repressed princess, however, unlike some shallow Disney mermaid who traded her soul and voice for a rich hunk, Mermista wants none of that. She defies all expectations, especially for a mermaid.

Princess Entrapta

Photo by Twitter/@DreamWorksSheRa

Gotta have a nerdy scientist princess, never not have a nerd princess in a show like this. As such, Entrapta loves all things tech and science– and she is also a princess, talk about having your cake and eating it too. Despite that, she is a lot less attractive than “Adventure Time’s” scientist Princess Bubblegum.

Princess Frosta

Photo by Twitter/@DreamWorksSheRa

That one princess who has the powers to control frost and everything cold and ice-related. Disney totally has not done that already. However, Frosta is not as cold as Elsa since she is actually a powerful and loved member of the Rebellion despite being just 11-years-old.

Princess Spinerella

Photo by Twitter/@DreamWorksSheRa

She can spin to create some selective cyclones because otherwise, those things will tear through everything, friend or foe. Most of the time she is a kind and gentle breeze of the Rebellion, though.

Princess Netossa

Photo by Twitter/@DreamWorksSheRa

Despite her namesake, Princess Netossa’s power does not involve the internet or Wi-Fi of some sorts. It’s lamer than that– she just makes literal energy nets out of thin air, perfect for catching fishes.


Photo by Twitter/@DreamWorksSheRa

Wields a bow and a crop top hairstyle, both of which he kills with (lol). He is also Glimmer’s best friend and is a humor machine while being a valuable member of the Rebellion. Apparently, he is also bisexual, kudos for breaking expectations, you go Bow!


Photo by Twitter/@DreamWorksSheRa

A Pirate who likes that bored mermaid princess above and uses his charms and a strong desire… to be liked in order to be, well, liked. Pretty much a millennial bisexual Han Solo except his Chewbacca became his mustache and he resides in a land full of Leia’s.

Queen Angella

Photo by Twitter/@DreamWorksSheRa

Can’t have princesses without a queen to guide them, lest they end up as Beverly Hills’ primadonnas. Anyway, Queen Angella provides wisdom and grace towards She-Ra and others while simultaneously leading the Rebellion against Hordak that his late husband, King Micah, began.

Shadow Weaver

Photo by Twitter/@DreamWorksSheRa

Hordak’s second-in-command and apparently also looked after Adora from time to time, that is, before Adora defected to the Rebellion. Now she is full of anxiety and sports an evil ominous sinister menacing dark black character vibe. Oh yeah, she is also an antagonist because of that.


Photo by Twitter/@DreamWorksSheRa

Big bad meanie, raised/mentored Adora strictly and tyrannically for her to become a straight Republican woman/housewife but she got fed up with that and Rebelled. Might want to take that as a message, parents.


Photo by Twitter/@DreamWorksSheRa

Part Scorpion, part weightlifting tomboy. She has super strength but is quite clumsy. Unfortunately, she is a minion of the bad guys because scorpions are not exactly pretty or cuddly creatures. Still, she appears to be good deep down, redemption arc, anyone?

Whew, that about sums up all the relevant and notable characters in the She-Ra reboot. Now you’re ready for the obligatory She-Ra cosplay! Here’s a tutorial to get you started, do it for the honor of Greyskull!

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