Never Say Goodbye: Showcase of Breaking Bad Geekery

The most passionate fans (Breaking Bad fans are definitely among them) are not content to just merely watch a show—they want to talk about it, interact with it, and immerse themselves in its world. In today’s digital terrain, devotion and creativity have received a significant boost when compared to how fans celebrated a large cult following show twenty years ago, such as The X-Files.

Transformative works have long been a part of fan culture. Enthusiasts felt compelled to create works of art and stories of their own, based on the worlds and characters that they have come to admire, some to the point of obsession. Perhaps the most well-known of these communities are the Trekkies. Breaking Bad is no different, and has spread through the collective television consciousness like a cancer, inspiring its own proliferation of fantastical products from the minds of devoted fans.

As the show comes to an end, we’d like to present a round-up of some fun fan creations and other geekery,  in celebration of the series.

I’ll Stick Around

For a character who was only supposed to stick around for an episode or two, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) has managed to survive the worst luck of possibly any character on television. (I know a Game of Thrones fan who says he could be an honorary Stark, as he loses nearly everyone and everything he cares about.) Hopefully, the consolation is that he’ll live at the end. But, then again, living sucks when you’ve endured so much pain. Ben and Jerry’s can’t make this level of hurt go away, yo.

Check out this video from Slate that chronicles the woes of our favorite “rat” cook. (No, not Ratatouille.)

A quirk that made Jesse… Jesse

Voice of Sanity

Saul Goodman seemed like a throwaway character at first, but his blunt and witty ways of counseling Walt, Jesse and Skyler made him such a fan fave that a spin-off is in the works. Is it sad that the most upright character of the bunch was the sleazy-looking, ambulance-chasing lawyer?

Hidden in Plain Sight

Cosplay’s popularity has exploded as geek culture has become more normalized in the mainstream entertainment spotlight. But is it kind of meta when the actor who plays a character dresses as his character in order to blend in among the masses of geekdom found on the exhibition floors of ComicCon? Badception.


Whenever you say to yourself, “Man, they so need to show that!” Someone inevitably does!


This turned up as a mock-up of the very real prop auction to be held by ScreenBid. It was convincing enough to fool quite a number of folks if social media reactions were any indication. Have to love the wishful thinking of the creator. Walter living to a grand old age just doesn’t seem to be in the cards, even if he truly was an amazing gambler.


And they all lived happily ever after. Right?


Everyone Has a Story

Fan fiction exists for just about every entertainment property imaginable. Even though it is not as prolific as Supernatural or Doctor Who fiction, Breaking Bad provides fertile ground for a few compelling stories for those who dare to dream of alternate scenarios. Be warned—some of it can be more twisted then the show.

Changing it Up

Parodies are always fun, and this one even caught Aaron Paul’s attention.

Everything Visual

DeviantArt is a go-to source for Breaking Bad fan art created using a variety of mediums. Of course, crossovers into other fandoms abound.


After the finale, the cast and stories will set off on a caravan ride into legend. But the fandom never has to die, and the show will live on as long as it is discussed, recommended, and celebrated through just about any medium. Plus, it’s sure to be referenced in many new series to come.

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