New Anime for Winter 2013

By Nopy

With a new year and a new season comes a fresh batch of anime straight from Japan. Here’s a look at some of the new anime that will be airing this season.

Ai Mai Mi

The members of an anime club experience adventures in all sorts of situations as they create their manga.

AKB0048 Next Stage

This is the second season of AKB0048, which continues the story of the struggles that certain idols face.


The main character wakes up one day to discover that she has lost all of her memories. With the help of a spirit, she slowly discovers who she is and what her past was like.

Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman

Roman is a Japanese Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and powerful and giving to the common folk.

Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection | Switch Launch Trailer

Beast Saga

On a faraway planet are three beast tribes that battle each other for honour.

Boku no Imouto wa “Osaka Okan”

After ten years apart, Kyousuke’s little sister is finally coming back home, but she has now turned into an Osaka girl.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next

The second season of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai continues the antics of the neighbours club.

Chihayafuru 2

The second season of Chihayafuru resumes the focus on Chihaya and her obsession with the card game karuta.

Cuticle Tantei Inaba

A cross-bred human wolf named Inaba is one of the best private detectives in Japan thanks to his heightened senses. He struggles to capture a criminal goat by the name of Don Valentino.

Da Capo III

The third Da Capo series again takes place in Hatsunejima with more encounters with various girls.

Dokidoki! Precure

Dokidoki! Precure is a new Precure series with a focus on love and heart throbbing experiences.


GJ-bu is a collection of short stories about high school students.

Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun

Shino was one of the few survivors from the village of Ootsuka, which was destroyed by plague 5 years ago. Now, the imperial church is after her because of her ability to use the blade of life.

Ishida to Asakura

Ishida to Asakura is about two friends in high school. One of them might be gay.


Being able to read peoples’ minds isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, as Kotoura can attest to. With the help of one of her classmates, she learns how to make friends and deal with her ability.

Love Live!: School Idol Project

With their school facing closure due to a lack of enrollment, 9 female students decide to form a pop idol group in order to increase its popularity and bring in more students.


Mangirl focuses on 4 girls trying to make a successful manga magazine.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

In a bloody war between humans and demons, a hero finally makes it to the demon queen’s chambers. Upon meeting her, she convinces him to join him in order to bring peace to the world.

Minami-ke Tadaima

The fourth season of Minami-ke again focuses on the daily lives of the three Minami sisters.

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?

Three people with extraordinary psychic powers are brought to a new world where they are asked to help defeat the devil king, which has been terrorizing the world.

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru

Eita just wanted to study for medical school, but when the hottest girl in school blackmails him into being her boyfriend, things take a turn for the worse.

Puchimas!: Petit [email protected]

Puchimas is a spinoff of the Idolmaster series with the idols turned into petit or “puchi” versions of themselves.

[email protected]

Sasami is a hikikomori that spends her days watching the outside world on her computer. She watches as her brother gets involved with the three Yagami sisters.

Senran Kagura

Based on the action game, Senran Kagura is about female ninjas that battle other ninja that aim to do harm.


When Satan escapes from his seal, 75 heroes are chosen by the king in order to defeat and seal him again. Alba is hero number 45 and the main character of the series.

Tamako Market

Tamako’s family owns a mocha shop in a small shopping district. Tamako Market is about her daily life as a high school student and as a helper at the shop.

Vividred Operation

When the world is attacked by aliens, Akane and 4 other girls are recruited to defend the Earth.

Yama no Susume

Aoi is an indoor person that is afraid of heights, but her friend Hinata convinces her to one day climb to the top of a mountain and see the sunrise from the summit.

Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke

A spin-off of the original Zettai Karen Children, this series focuses on the esper Hyoubu Kyousuke.

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