New 'Dishonored' DLC Continues the Story (Sort of)

Players of Dishonored — probably my favorite game of 2012 — may remember an assassin named Daud, a character who made a strong impression and wielded the same supernatural abilities as the heroic Corvo. Now Daud’s starring in his own DLC episode and looking for redemption.

Arkane Studios, the developer behind Dishonored, is releasing The Knife of Dunwall on April 16th via Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and PC download. The pack will cost you $10, and if I were to guess, I’d say you can probably expect two to three hours of new gameplay.

The Knife of Dunwall puts you in the shoes of the assassin that killed the Empress at the start of the first game. After his c0meuppance at the hands of Corvo Attano, it seems Daud has seen the error of his ways. He wants to atone for his sins, and the Outsider holds the key to his redemption. What is that key? All Arkane is willing to say is that it pertains to a person of interest known as “Delilah.” Is Daud being sent to protect her? Help her? Or assassinate her? And who is she, anyway? These questions underscore the plot of The Knife of Dunwall.

What’s most significant to note about this DLC pack is that, unlike a lot of downloadable content starring a new protagonist, The Knife of Dunwall does not take place concurrently with the events of the main game. Though there are a few key moments from the original game depicted from Daud’s perspective, most of this new content is set after the events of Dishonored, so it continues the story of Dunwall. It also answers a burning question that’s long been in my mind: How would Arkane approach sequels to Dishonored? Would Corvo’s story continue, or would there be a new protagonist? It could still go either way, but this DLC pack makes the case that the Dishonored brand is more about the world of Dunwall than any one character in it. You could argue that it’s about agents of the Outsider.

Daud will still have his band of acolytes, the Whalers, who will join him on his new mission, and just as he did in the main game, Daud still has his powerful arsenal of supernatural abilities, gadgets, weapons, and more. His artillery includes a substance called “Chokedust” that dazes enemies, Stun Mines, and a hidden “Wristbow” that fires tranq darts and explosive bolts. Daud’s special abilities include “Summon Assassin,” which lets him command the Whalers in battle; “Void Gaze,” which will help him track down hidden Runes and Bone Charms; and new variations to powers that players are familiar with, like Blink.

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Perhaps most enticing is how Arkane is promising that The Knife of Dunwall will open up a never-before-seen districts of Dunwall for you to explore. It’s called the Legal District, and its biggest feature is the Rothwild Slaughterhouse, a steaming factory full of enormous whale carcasses, which you’ll be charged with infiltrating. Daud will also return to his home base in the Flooded District. There will also be new enemy classes and new weapons and abilities.

Arkane says that the mystery of Delilah will be revealed in this episode, but Daud’s story won’t be over yet. A final DLC pack called The Brigmore Witches will end Daud’s (and Dishonored‘s) story, presumably sometime later this year.

Daud’s fate is ultimately in your hands. Will he hold onto his last shred of humanity? Or will he succumb to the dark side? The decision is yours.

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