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6 Nerdtastic Shows You Should Be Watching

When it comes to geek TV, seems most of us watch and enjoy the same stuff. Stuff like Firefly and Star Trek and Supernatural and Adventure Time, which are all amazing shows. But there are a great number of shows out there right now that would appeal to the same demographic yet they are either unaware they exist or are simply not watching them because they do not know enough about them. Lately, from Netflix to even regular channels, some killer new shows have been popping up that the geek demographic would love but don’t seem to know about.

Well, the good news is by the end of this article you will know about them. The bad news is you will have 6 new shows to add to the list of what must already be a thousand shows you need to watch. Yes, there is QUITE a bit of TV out there to choose from. We hope this list helps narrow that down ever so slightly.

New Geek Show Discoveries


This Brazilian show that plays off the 99% poor versus the 1% rich idea caught me wholly off guard. It popped up on my Netflix suggestions one day and sounded intriguing enough to watch. Hours later and the whole series was done. I marathoned that bitch.

The premise is simple. People who live off scraps in the slums wait their whole life to enter a competition that, if they pass a series of very fucked up tests, will take them to the “offshore” (a place we never see but hear a great deal about and everyone wants to be there). But the actual show ends up being like a mix between the Cube movies and anything by Neill Blomkamp.

Trust me, watch it. It is short but will have you hooked. Just please watch the version with subtitles as the American dub is AWFUL (like Resident Evil 1 voiceover awful).

The Fall

What happens when you take the lovely Scully (Gillian Anderson) from X-Files, make her a real detective, and have her tracking Superman (Henry Cavill) who just happens to be a serial killer who is also hunting her? What you get is a show that is so tense and dark at times, you will find yourself holding your breath.

There are also some wonderful twists and turns this thriller series takes that you will not see coming and only make you like it more. And boy, lemme tell you, he may play a decent Superman but Cavill plays an  AMAZING serial killer. That, alone, makes it worth watching. Scully versus Evil Superman.

Bam, sold!


A show where a nerd guy goes around and reviews things that are NOT games or TV shows or movies. He reviews bad sexual experiences and what it would be like to be Batman for a day (no joke, he LITERALLY does that) and the end result is a show that is achingly funny, bizarre, and wickedly original.

The best part of being a fan of this stellar show is wondering for hours what “thing” he may review next. He even reviews drug addiction. Yah, you cannot make this shit up, people. Peep above for yourselves.


So what happens when a bunch of people who died in different ways from different time periods all come back to life in perfect shape, in the same grave plot, the age they died at, only it is current times? That is the question the new Netflix show Glitch asks, and the more and more the show reveals things about itself, the more questions arise. What brought these people back? Why only them? How have they not aged? Why do some recall all and some recall nothing?

It takes the idea of a zombie show (yes, the show begins with them literally pulling themselves naked from their graves) but make no mistakes, this is no zombie show. Yes, these are living dead people, but they don’t want to eat brains.

So what do they want and what brought them back? Better watch and find out.

White Rabbit Project

This Netflix show is the remnants of what is leftover from the wonderful iconic geek show, Mythbusters. In this case, we have Grant, Kari, and Tori (the three sidekicks) and the show has them go down “rabbit holes” about different things like the craziest jail escapes or the likelihood of being able to actually make a superhero suit and become a masked vigilante.

While it is not as fun as Mythbusters was, and is overly polished and overly rehearsed at times, it still fills the void that Mythbusters left in all our geeks souls, plus you learn some really cool shit which is always awesome.

Plus, more Kari. Yes please to that. She looks like how roses smell.

The OA

I’m sorry, but there isn’t much I can actually say about this show without ruining it. I went at it blind based off rating and word of mouth and was floored. A very lofty and ambitious show, and one that almost reminds me of the originality and intrigue of Stranger Things, also while being its own thing completely.

I will tell you this. It involves a woman who may be more than she appears, and the varied reactions this causes in those around her needs to be seen to be believed. That is ALL I will give, so trust me again and just go watch it. I have not led any of you astray once, you know this. Not gonna start now.

Some of these are not really new, but it may very well be the first time you’ve heard of them. Give ’em a chance, and you’ll thank us.

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