The New Narrative Form: Collaboration


Ancient cave paintings, like those found at Lascaux, France, were the first attempts by early humans to record stories of significance to the group. Whether documenting a hunt, an ancient ritual, or story about otherworldly encounters, the ambiguity in detail and pictographic portrayal of events allowed anyone to view and interpret the images. From sanskrit, to the printing press, past radio, movies, and TV we now live in age with a passion for ever-evolving narrative formats. Print advertisements have scan codes that can link a passerby to a website or video. Movies now hold within their stories hints and references that lead the willing to online sites, affiliated TV shows, video-games and comics. We, the public, have grown accustomed to the “old” methods of storytelling and we are feverishly looking for the “new thing”.

The 21st century model is collaboration. In entertainment, politics, scientific studies, we see the greatest successes where different talents come together to approach a particular goal. Consider Foldit, where the scientific community reached out to the gamer community to deal with complex scientific pursuits. Entertainment narratives have evolved with the times as well, and innovative properties like Device 6 and Niko and the Sword of Light have captured the public’s imagination through multimedia storytelling.

The latest edition to this trend of collaboration is Tell Me A Story… :an interactive, animated, sci-fi experience. This Kickstarter Staff Pick brings together animators, video game artists and more to launch a choose your own animated sci-adventure. Combining the interactivity of video games with the storytelling medium of a web-comic, Tell Me A Story... provides readers with a uniquely immersive and evolving epic.

Seamlessly incorporating both still and animated panels within a single page, Tell Me A Story… is presented as an HTML5 based website, allowing you to make significant story choices while navigating environments populated by alien beings. It’s Mass Effect meets Star Trek: The Next Generation, with a bit of Twilight Zone thrown in for good measure.

In Tell Me A Story…you are the central character. Aliens of many shapes and sizes surround you, but none are like you. You live in theFractalverse, which is an ethereal existence bursting with the possibility of one’s imagination, and void of the physical realities that give possibility form.

The stories and interactions of this first chapter are designed to introduce the reader to theFractalverse and the strange rules that govern the behavior of its occupants. You will explore theFractalverseand attempt to form relationships with the beings around you. Individual stories and those part of the greater continuity guiding Tell Me A Story… are revealed by the choices you make when interacting with these characters.

Tell Me A Story… is the first of several Kickstarter-funded projects that will develop and expand the Tell Me A Story… universe. It’s a narrative experience only possible in the 21st century, where readers will make real story choices and help determine where this project goes next: a meta-storyline that will expand based on community interaction, allowing readers to become participants and contribute their own ideas.

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