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New 'Walking Dead' Promos Hint At Who Will Make Out With Lucille in Season Opener

You either get the joke in the title or you don’t. If you do, you are a genuine, Walking Dead fan. Anyone else, here is the crash course (and SPOILERS FOR END OF LAST SEASON). At the tail end of last season we saw our heroes in the Walking Dead finally reach a sort of dead end. They were captured and tied up and put on their knees by a man named Negan. Negan has a bat he treats more like a wife, her name is Lucille, and Lucille LOVES blood. We ALL know the new season of Walking Dead will begin with Lucille smashing in the skull of someone we love, but we saw from their viewpoint in the finale and we still have no idea who it is.

We KNOW it is not Carl or Rick because Negan says clearly, “if (Rick) freaks out, feed his son’s other eye to him.” That tells us Rick and Carl are not in danger in that scene. It is also safe to assume some of the B-list characters are safe. They are, without a doubt, killing a beloved character when the show comes back, but WHO?!!!

Could it be…

Possibly, but probably not….

But how about…

Just seems too damn easy. Next….

Well, if you read the comic, you kinda already know, but you ALSO know the show is famous for tossing curveballs and not following book, so, based on fandom, my personal thought is, the one who will die at the hands of Negan and the mighty swings of Lucille will be WILL be…

Sorry kids, but I really believe Daryl has a date with the bat. He killed a bunch of Negan’s men with a rocket launcher, and the angel wings on the vest were REALLY emphasized a LOT this last season. I may be way off, but I really believe we are on the dawn of Daryl’s last moments on the Walking Dead.

I sure hope I am wrong, though, but I rarely am about nerd shit like this. Better make your peace now. I have, I own his wings. Thanks for that, 1-Up Box. Also, super curious to see how his rabid female fan base will react if I am correct. Twitter should be a mess that night….

(H/T to BloodyDisgusting)

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