New World Record Set for Rubik's Cube

Aspiring Rubik’s Cube world record holders, you just might have to work on your skills a little more. Before the end of last week, the Rubik’s Cube world was all abuzz with news about the Kubaroo Open 2011 ((Kubaroo Open)) and the results of that event was dominated by one name: Feliks Zemdegs.

This kid, who is only 15 years old, managed to wow everyone watching with his Rubik’s Cube skills, especially when he solved a 3x3x3 cube in merely 6.24 seconds. That’s less time it would take some people to name all the colors in the cube without looking!

Watch how he did it. Oh, and contrary to a brilliant comment in the YouTube page, just because Feliks is not Asian, it doesn’t mean the video is fake. ;)

For those who need some help in conquering the Cube, you may try getting hold of Feliks, although reading Rubik’s Cube for Dummies might be more feasible.

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