New Year, New Frontiers

The future ain’t what it used to be….

Now that we have evaded the apocalypse, survived Christmas and struggled past the New Year celebrations, it is time to raise our eyes and look ahead to what treats may be in store. For me, the theme of the year seems to be sci-fi.

Or more importantly, sci-fi legacies. This month sees the launch of Threshold by Keith Giffen, a man returning to where his writing really excels, away from Earth and loose in the DC Cosmos.

The title promises to showcase the New 52’s gallery of space heroes – ‘The Star Rovers, Star Hawkins, Space Cabbie, Tom Tomorrow, Captain K’Rot, and Star Ranger!’

Many of these are familiar names, only I rather hope that these will be introduced slowly. When Howard Chaykin attempted a brief relaunch of DC’s classic sci-fi characters back in 1990, I was pumped. To see the Star Rovers and Tommy Tomorrow in action, even in the vastly revamped form, was something I was hugely excited about.

Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection | Switch Launch Trailer

Yet the art was confusing, and unfamiliar as I was with these characters bar their Who’s Who entries, I had difficulty identifying them. On this level, my highlight was the appearance of a drunken and time-lost Space Cabbie in the pages of James Robinson’s Starman.

Of course, the hints that the new character Captain K’rot, a seeming combination of Captain Carrot and Bucky O’Hare (remember him folks?) shows a lot of promise, and I only hope this augurs good things for the eventual return of the Amazing Zoo Crew in some form of another.

Meanwhile on the other side of the fence, Iron Man is preparing for his stint with the Guardians Of The Galaxy. As pleased as I am to hear of their return and of the many rumours of a Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, which would be cool (I AM GROOT!); Tony Stark? Really?

I can see the thinking, the reasons behind it on a marketing level, but thematically? Why was Tony so starry-eyed in Avengers Assemble when he has already travelled to the centre of the Kree Empire and killed the Supreme Intelligence in the conclusion of Operation: Galactic Storm. When has the draw of space ever pulled on Tony’s heart strings?

Since when has Tony Stark had heart strings?

Then again, could these be the steps that create the timelines that Immortus was so determined to avoid, where the Avengers spread across the cosmos, creating a galactic human hegemony?

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Darren Burr

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