New SnesPSP TYL version released

Yoyofr and his team have released yet another version of the best SNES emulator for the PSP.

Besides the usual speed and sound improvements, what makes this version special for me is that it allows 2 players to play the same game via ad-hoc.

Here is the complete changelist:

  • [NEW] spc playback through openspc++.
  • [NEW] sound emulation moved to media engine.
  • [NEW] new gui with some sounds (beep). default key combo for GUI access is now L+R
  • [NEW] have your own background and spc music played in background when in GUI => put them in &
  • [NEW] adhoc 2 players mode. requires both players to have the same rom file.
  • [NEW] Speed limiter in fps (ranging from 10 to 120fps).
  • [NEW] Hack to help reading thin fonts in hires mode (“shake” the screen). activate it hack/Debug sub menu.
  • [NEW] minimalist txt file viewer (buggy).
  • [NEW] usb support : when in file browser or menu use R (right trigger).
  • [NEW] sram is now saved if modified when accessing menu.
  • [NEW] minimalist 2 players adhoc netplay. thx to Chris Swindle for his netplay code in SMS.
  • [NEW] uses great OSK from danzel.
  • [FIX] Frame skipping (AUTO & fixed) better handled.
  • [FIX] Import savestate from snes9xTYL.
  • [FIX] psp accelerated rendering issues (ff6 borders, small lines on left & righrt borders when using render!=1:1…).
  • [FIX] sourcecode cleanup (not complete, stilly a bit messy).
  • [BAD] still slower than 0.2 version in nosound mode (related to new pspsdk & internal changes in emu core).
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