my_new_years_resolution_1280_x_1024_mousepad-p144984638299622367trak_400I think we’ve been programmed to come up with New Year’s resolutions. Even if deep inside, we know that we can change any time of the year, we still find it more significant if we make these decisions at the beginning of a new year. Perhaps the timing matters for many of us.

As I sit here contemplating the new year ahead of me – trying all the while not to dwell on the fact that it’s back to the grind today and just WORK – I ran across some blog posts on “geeks’ resolutions.” Naturally, that got me thinking about my own list – another list, a “geekified” one, on top of my not yet finished “regular” list.

Here goes…

1. Actually use technology for self-improvement. I got a Fitbit Sense for Christmas (woohoo), and on top of the gadgets and apps I already have, I am resolving to make use of these to actually improve myself. My health. My productivity. And controlling the amount of time I play videogames, binge watch, and all that jazz. Who’s with me?
2. Organize my files better. I am a hoarder, a packrat – whatever you want to call it, it’s BAD. I have files from 15 years ago, and I can’t make myself get rid of them even though I don’t even open them at all. My documents, photos, music, etc. are all over my hard disk. I can’t seem to finish putting them in order. I vow to start doing this in January. I’ve got a few moner days…
3. Read more. I had the same promise to myself in 2021, and I am going to continue with it in 2022. And then some. Instead of watching Netflix, Hulu, whatever till the moment I feel sleepy, I will pick up the new books I got for Christmas (read: The Wheel Weaves…unicorns…and a creative writing journal), and set aside about an hour for reading.
4. Pay my bills on time. I am enrolled in all sorts of online banking and bill payment systems. That’s supposed to make things easier, right? Unfortunately, I still keep getting distracted with all the other fun things you can do online, and I end up paying some – alright, a LOT – of my bills late. This year, I will make use of the tools that I have and be a good consumer.

I think I have more I can put on this list, but these three things I am pretty sure I can achieve. Care to share your geek’s resolutions?

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First published in January 2010; updated December 2021

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