Nintendo announce the Wii Balance Board

When people said that they expected Nintendo to release countless add-ons for the Wii, they weren’t joking. And at this E3, Nintendo introduced 3 new ones, but right now we’ll focus on the most original one, the Wii Balance Board.

Despite being included with all of the Nintendo Wii consoles, Wii Sports quickly became the trademark symbol of the console, and people immediately related the console to a fun family experience. Others even went as far as saying that playing such games on the Wii was healthy, and allowed you to exercise a little bit.

Given the success of the title, in providing fun, and helping people become more fit, the next step, which seems natural, would be to try to release more titles that motivate people to work-out more. Therefore they introduced the Wii Balance Board.

Unlike the simple Dance “carpet” controllers, which became popular for titles such as Dance Dance Revolution, the Wii Balance Board does much more. Basically, the concept of it is very similar to that of the Wiimote. It can detect when you apply pressure with your feet, or hands, on it’s surface. And although it can’t “guess” what you’re doing with your upper body, as long as your body weight shifts as is intended by the machine, it doesn’t really “care”.

To accompany this innovative “controller”, Nintendo is going to release a new title called Wii Fit, in which you can do exercises to keep you fit, or play small mini games, like a basic “Dance Dance Revolution” clone, or another one where you try to tilt a virtual platform with your feet, to guide a balanced ball to it’s goal, as seen on the picture below.

Nintendo hasn’t announced when they intend on releasing this product, but when I do, I’m certain that it will be an instant hit, and I’ll certainly be going by some stores to pick it up when it arrives.

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