Nintendo announces Q2 releases

Nintendo have recently announced the list of games that will be available to consumers during the second quarter of this year.


April 9: Super Paper Mario – Nintendo
April: Prince of Persia Rival Swords – Ubisoft
April: Bust-A-Move Bash – Majesco
April: Bioncle Heroes – Eidos
May 15: Mortal Kombat: Armageddon – Midway
May 29: Mario Party 8 – Nintendo
May: Tamagotchi Party On – Namco Bandai
May: Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End – Disney Interactive
May: Escape from Bug Island – Eidos
May: Spider-Man The Movie 3 – Activision
June 11: Big Brain Academy – Nintendo
June 25: Pokemon Battle Revolution – Nintendo
June: Cosmic Family – Ubisoft
Spring: Heatseeker – Codemasters
Q2: Legend of the Dragon – American Game Factory
Summer: Shrek the Third – Activision
Summer: Transformers the Game – Activision

Nintendo DS

April 22: Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl – Nintendo
May: Pirates of the Caribbean 3 – Buena Vista
May: Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Densetsu – Atari
May: Pony Friends – Eidos
May: Diner Dash – Eidos
May: Touch the Dead – Eidos
June 4: Nintendo DS browser – Nintendo
June 4: Planet Puzzle League – Nintendo
June 11: Touchmaster DS – Midway
June: Zendoku – Eidos
Spring: Naruto Ninja Council 3 – Tomy
Spring: Time Ace – Konami
Spring: Death Jr. and the Science Fair of Doom – Konami
Q2: Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon – Natsume
Summer: Shrek the Third – Activision
Summer: Transformers: Autobots – Activision
Summer: Transformers: Decepticons – Activision

Game Boy Advance

Summer: Shrek the Third – Activision

With the exception of Super Paper Mario, and Mario Party 8, I honestly think that the lineup is a bit “dry”, and the author of the joystiq article also concurs with that thought.

On the other hand, the Nintendo DS, as one of the world’s best selling consoles, is getting a lot of nice titles like Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, a new Naruto and Dragonball Z games and even an original PSP refugee: Death Jr, on it’s lineup.

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