Nintendo DS VS Sony PSP (communities)

No, this isn’t another of those "my console is better than yours" bashes.
This is about the constant bashing upon the two communities: the
Nintendo fans against the PSP ones. Usually when new consoles are
released over a short period of time there are always some bashings on
the internet over which is better but it has never taken this much
attention as it has now.

The way I see it, the DS community is afraid because for the first
time a company with enough power has decided to battle them on their
home ground with a technically superior product in almost every way.
Nintendo clings closely to idea that their games are fun to play and
imaginative. Sony just has a superior product… that can play better
games and has media and internet capabilities.

From a technical stand, the PSP has many more ways of upgrading itself
with the memory sticks, so in the future the PSP can still evolve
more. A browser, e-mail, and e-book program has already been
announced. And with the UMD becoming a new media, it will only be a
matter of time before recorders and blank units start selling, and
with them pirated games.

Let’s face it; one of the main reasons why Playstation and Playstation
2 are so popular was due to the easiness of running pirated games on
them. When the UMD reaches it’s full potential it could very well be
the turning point for the portable console takeover.

I for one am buying the PSP. Nintendo disappointed me greatly with the
Nintendo 64 and Gameboy Advance. What they did was basically milk out
their classics with add-ons or 3D versions of them. The N64 was an
awesome console to have at a party or afternoon with some friends,
providing the best multiplayer action. But with multiplayer games
becoming less and less popular (we all hate split screen games, right?) and
classic arcade titles like Streets of Rage hardly ever appear. But the
Playstation had a much wider range of choices. I could have a great
platformer if I wanted to and also choose from a wide array of
racing games. The N64 had some great games by Nintendo and Rare. And most of the others were great… rubbish. And it was rare to see a game going over the 8 points mark on gamespot besides the ones made by those two companies.

I’m not trying to convince anyone to join either side (sure I might sound like I’m contradicting myself, but it isn’t the point). From the
Nintendo DS you can expect a lot of juvenile titles and remakes of
Nintendo 64 titles. From the PSP you can expect similar some remakes also but also a
wider and more mature range of titles to choose from if the companies
that made the PS1 great decide to milk out some old titles. Whichever one you decide
upon, great for you! But don’t make the internet your personal

There, I just made the first internet article about the two consoles, I talked about my favorite and I didn’t need to bash any of them or anyone.

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