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Nintendo unveiled yesterday it’s first playable demos for the Nintendo Wii. During the presentation I found particularly funny the comment that Reggie (the host) made about all the people that liked and supported the name change, both of them. But anyway, on to the news itself!

Many games were introduced that we didn’t know of before. A Wii version of the upcoming Zelda: Twilight Princess will be released on the same day of the Gamecube version, although, with the obvious differences in gameplay and, apparently, a reduced difficulty level so new players of Zelda will be able to enjoy the game more.

Mario also made a comeback in another 3D platformer. Don’t worry, he’s not squirting water this time, however he is still in a particularly weird game world. It is called Super Mario Galaxy and in it Mario’s feed seem to be glued onto “spherical” worlds with a few platforms and the background seems to be the outer space.

Another interesting surprise was a game from the French developer Ubisoft, Red Steel, which is a first-person action game that takes advantage of the Wii’s controller in a very intuitive way. In order to open doors you use the controller that moves your gun around, point it at the handle and turn it as you would do to a normal door, or you can shove the controller forward rapidly and force your way in.

But that wasn’t even the best part about Red Steel. The best part was undoubtedly a Katana duel, in which to wield and use the Katana you hold it as you would a katana (although with one hand only) and slash your way at the enemy! (The Legend of Zelda also featured a similar way to yeld the sword although it didn’t seem to be as detailed as this one).

Metroid also showed up of course, and also featured interesting controls for it. For example, in order to turn into a ball, you have to duck, or just lower your joypads at the same time. But if you’re playing the game standing up it really makes you feel like you’re more into the action.

The rest of the games were basically short demos and presentations of what kind of games you can expect. A golf/baseball/tennis game/etc game. Puzzle games, etc, etc. Mainly to appeal to all kinds of people that have never bothered to pickup a controller in their lives.

But the news weren’t only in gaming, a few more details about the controller were released, and it seems that the Nunchak add-on for the controller is also motion sensitive, which besides adding a bit more value to it will also allow for better gameplay options, given the controller’s very limited button numbers. Also, the controller will feature a small speaker. Though that mind sound a bit silly, one of the great examples of how it is applied, was on Zelda, when he fired an arrow with link and you could hear the bow string being let go on the controller and then the impact sound being heard on the television.

And for those wondering how they would be able to play N64 games with the new controller, Nintendo will release a Dualshock-inspired “classic controller” that looks like the snes controller with two analogue sticks a-la Dualshock:

After seeing Sony’s and Microsoft’s demos, I have to say that Nintendo’s weren’t the most amazing, or most next-gen like. However, they were the ones I was the most anxious to play due to the controller and the experience that seems to come with it.

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