Nintendo Revolution: Classics NOT for free

Unfortunately, for all Nintendo fans, what we, and many other

blogs, told you a few months ago about the Nintendo classics being downloadable for free turns out to be false.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has denied rumours that the company plans to distribute its first-party back

catalogue for free on the forthcoming Revolution console, but said that some old games may be used as bonus or trial


(Warning: From here on, the article becomes my personal opinion so please treat it as one.)

I know my opinion isn’t always welcome, but I think Nintendo just shot another of their toes out, and they’re running

out of them… There has been an article

claiming that Nintendo isn’t looking to achieve first place in this next generation of consoles, they already have

enough fans to keep the company profitable and they’d rather just keep them instead of trying to “steal” them from other

platforms. But even for the fans, certainly this is very disappointing… my question is, just how many times does

Nintendo want their fans to buy products they already have or had bought in the past?

I had a Gameboy Pocket and one of my favorite games was Zelda. When the Gameboy Color came out they re-released it

with full color and a few bonuses, I bought again since I thought it would be worth it, but now they’re telling me that

if I buy a Revolution I will have to pay AGAIN to play a game I already bought TWICE? This also goes for Super Mario

Bros and all the other games they’ve re-released until now on the Gameboy Advance. I know many other companies

re-release their software on new hardware to milk their cows a little bit, but it’s been a really long time since I’ve

seen a Nintendo console that wasn’t an attempt at milking more money out of games they’ve already produced.

I don’t really mind about Nintendo not wanting to try and grasp a more mature audience anymore, they work well on a

genre and they want to stick to it, that’s fine and good. What I do mind though, is that they abuse the loyalty of their

fans by using keywords such as “innovation” and “the future”. Specially on a console that’s hardly more than a chance to

re-release old software on it with a few quirks in it due to the innovative (yet beaten over like a dead horse)

touch-screen. Speaking of re-releasing old hardware, have you heard about the Revolution that will “forever change the

future of gaming”?

Here’s a pic of the latest teaser poster:

On a small side-note, just how realistic do we really want Mario’s moustache to become or Link’s Panty Hose?


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