Nintendo Wii And Gears Of War 2

Now, bear with me. Whilst you might be thinking that the two title products are completely erroneous and totally non-related, then you’d be wrong. The astute amongst you will of course point out the familiarities – one is a game system, the other is a game played on a game system – albeit a different one.

GoW2 has been confirmed – we’re going to see Markus et al blowing chunks out of the Locust hordes. Fable 2 has been announced and hyped by Peter Molyneux, who has also stated the concepts of money crossing boundaries from a Live game to your Fable game, as well as instant multiplayer action.

What do these games have to do with the Nintendo Wii? Well, they’re both leagues away from the offerings by Nintendo (and developers working on Wii games) – which include Wii Fit, Wii Ware and Super Smash Bros Brawl. Whilst Xbox 360 will continue to amaze and wow with adult content, one-size-fits-all and ‘children friendly’ games are the home of the Wii.

Of course, there are games such as No More Heroes and Okami that cry out to perhaps the older player. Nonetheless, when the British Wii charts contain delights such as High School Musical, Game Party, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games and Sonic and the Secret Rings you do surely have to worry? After all, casual games have their place – for me they are the games that you can pick up on Live.

Let me give you a more recent example of why I’m worried about the state of gaming. My girlfriend’s children have a Nintendo Wii and a PS2. The Nintendo Wii sees a lot more play. That’s fine. However, they were shocked when I told them that I play an Xbox 360. I was surprised at that, given that I thought it would be seen as ‘adult’. However, it was seen as just an upgrade. I know though that many of the games, such as the notoriously fiddly Mass Effect would be far beyond their gaming capabilities.

Overall, I’ve never been impressed with the Wii and the games that are available. Frankly, quite often, ‘for everyone’ speaks really to me as ‘dumbed down’. Nonetheless, I can see the appeal for many out there, and perhaps it’ll bring them to owning something with more depth in the future.

Of course, it’s not all bad for the Wii, and perhaps you’re thinking I’m giving it a bit of a rough ride when you’ve played The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess and think I’m mad. Why are we still playing games with pig-headed guards and young men in green tunics?

I suppose the thing that annoys me is that Nintendo hasn’t grown up with me. It isn’t providing the content that I’m looking for – or the adult stories. You’ll never see anything like the death of Urdnot Wrex in a Nintendo game. I see why you wouldn’t see this, but it also means that you’re going to be incredibly limited by the stories that you can tell.

Of course, it’s not all doom and gloom. Because of that, I’d like to present a list of games that will be coming to the Wii soon that I’m interested in playing:

Super Smash Bros Brawl
Disaster – Day of Crisis
No More Heroes
Soul Calibur: Legends
Animal Crossing Wii
Pilot Wings Wii
Star Wars – The Fore Unleashed

I’m really interested to hear your thoughts on the Wii – do you think it is a viable gaming/storytelling platform or do you think it will be forever the console of ‘I’ll have one quick game then that’s it?’ Let me know in the comments…

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