Nintendo Wiimote - First Impressions

The lucky editors of Gizmodo have already gotten their hands on Nintendo’s little box of surprises, and it’s innovative gamepad. So what do they think about? In short, they’re surprised, and happy with the results. Here is what they say about the Wiimote’s performance in the Wii Sports game.

â?¢Tennis: We thought this was going to be the most fun, but it actually turned out to be kind of awkward. Swinging forehands and backhands sometimes got mixed up, so on occasion you’ll miss of no fault of your own.
â?¢Bowling: Lots of fun. You raise up the Wiimote like a ball, then go through the entire bowling motion to launch.
â?¢Baseball: Not bad, as you swing and pitch with the Wiimote. You may end up just using wrist action or some sort of fake pitch/swing motion as a shortcut.
â?¢Golf: Like bowling, a golf swing works pretty well with the Wiimote. The only problem is swinging too hard/fast, which causes the ball to go wobbly. But still fun.
â?¢Boxing: A bit of a hit and miss here, as you use both the Wiimote and the Nunchuk to control your fists. This could have been good, but could use for a bit more control tightening.

And if that doesn’t convince you on how good it is, Jason Chen’s final words are:

(…) so far it looks like Nintendo’s taken not just a step, but a big leap in the right direction.

It’s no wonder that you’ll see the Wii on many geek’s Christmas List, including many of our editors, as you will see very shortly ;)

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