The bright side of being quarantined at home is that you finally have plenty of time to play Dungeons and Dragons! However, D&D has one key component that you need which is the Dungeon Master (DM). Since there’s a fat chance you’re not quarantining with a DM, it can be difficult. However, these Dungeons and Dragons board games provide a nice compromise for the time being!

After all, not all DMs are available during such a crisis and since online D&D sessions can get chaotic and tedious, alternatives are in order. So if you’re stuck with your family members or roommates, then its time to whip out some Dungeons and Dragons board games– we’ll be giving you two officially options!

Dungeons And Dragons Board Games

The first one is called Dungeons and Dragons Clue Board Game. It plays upon the social encounters and interaction aspect of D&D where players must use wit, creativity, and resourcefulness in order to overcome social challenges in a fantasy world. It requires 2 to 6 players where among the party members lies a devil in disguise and it’s up to you to find out who they are… unless you’re the doppelganger!

This board game is recommended for anyone aged 8 or above and goes for $39.99.

The second board game is called Dungeons and Dragons: Lords of Waterdeep. It takes place in the city of Waterdeep where riots have started erupting in the North Ward among many other anomalies that are causing discord and strife. It’s up to a party of 2 to 6 players to quell Waterdeep’s problems while getting to the bottom of the chaos.

Dungeons And Dragons Board Games

This game is viable for anyone aged 12 and above and costs only $49.99.

It’s high time for that Dungeons and Dragons adventure you’ve been waiting for, no need for a DM yet.

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