No Man's Sky: Fears and Hopes

As we get closer and closer to No Man’s Sky coming out for the PS4, the schools of fans seem evenly divided. On one hand, you have the people who think No Man’s Sky is going to be the true, open space sim we always wanted. While others seem to think it is just going to end up being a larger version of Minecraft (which is no insult, by the way). So what way will this game go? Will it be the game we always wanted that allows us to explore the farthest reaches of this massive universe? Or will it be “resource collecting” made even more massive?

Here are some of our hopes and fears about No Man’s Sky.



While the idea of exploring a massive universe in No Man’s Sky is half the appeal, the publishers have mentioned that the likelihood of one of your friends finding ANY of the same planets as you is slim. While that does seem amazing in scope, it also makes the experience VERY singular and this is one of our No Man’s Sky fears.

What if the game is SO big it almost feels vast and empty. We WANT someone to land on a planet we discover and see how badass it is but KNOW we planted our flag first.

The Big Empty


I think our other man No Man’s Sky fear is it being massive and, well, kind of void of life and boring. Any shallow girl will tell you, size matters. But those same shallow girls will tell you TOO big is no good and doesn’t benefit anyone. Same probably goes for a Space game.

Yes, ‘we want it huge’ and we want it to feel like a galaxy, but does this mean 20 minute stretches of flying through nothing? Does this mean we really WON’T ever experience another player in our universe? Are these massive planets we find just glorified trees from Minecraft?

See, our fears make sense. A big game is great but if there is no substance, we will grow bored of it quickly.

The Interstellar Battles?


There are supposed to be space battles, and in one of the trailers we seem to glimpse one, but for such a huge aspect of a game, we have heard and seen so little. If the space battles between ships and fleets was a threat, that could be cool (or looking out for space pirates trying to steal your loot) but if these battles only come down to PVP, and they say very few people will find people in their game, this means if you don’t find anyone (which is likely) you probably wont get into any space battles, either.

That is kinda weak. In our space games we want some space battles, and not just a maybe. We want them certified.

Never Ending?


Never ending is GREAT when you are thinking about a game, but in reality, it kind of sucks. Reason being, you NEVER get that feeling of satisfaction that you actually accomplished something. It is said finding the middle of galaxy in this game is beating the game. It is also said that will be very, very, very hard to do (because they essentially made infinite space).

While the scope is awesome, like we said, the problem is where is the pay-off? Mining resources is fun. Flying around is fun. Discovering and tagging new species of wildlife is fun. But if all this goes on and on forever with an ending no one can reach, where will the sense of gaming closure come from?

As a matter of fact, I will go so far as to say, if you are a completion’ist or have OCD, you do NOT want No Man’s Sky, straight up. Avoid it, it will drive you insane in the long run otherwise.

In Closing….


So our No Man’s Sky fears and hopes are simple. Give us something to do more than just mining and flying around. Give us some space battles. Make some of the wildlife dangerous. Give us some space pirates. As far as a space sim it sounds cool, but will it be cool enough to hold all our attention for more than a few days?

Only time will tell, see you in space (or probably not based on what publisher has said).

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