No Widescreen iBooks

By Dave

Looks like everyone was wrong about getting widescreen iBooks, and most people are a little disappointed at the offerings, though the line between the iBooks and Powerbooks has been dimished by this latest release.

Yup, after all that hullabaloo about widescreen iBooks headed our way this product cycle?it just didn?t happen. So what do the new iBooks have? Well, a sudden motion sensor to shut down hard drives if you drop your machine (trust us, you?re going to have bigger problems with your iBook than hard drive issues if it takes a fall), Bluetooth 2.0, 802.11, the enhanced trackpad, and spec bumps to 1.33GHz / 512MB / 40GB / combo drive for $999, and 1.42GHz / 512MB / 60GB / SuperDrive (aka a DVD burner) for $1299. Wow, Apple, way to show a commitment to your PowerPC based product line before you go Intel. Carry on, everyone!

Thanks to Engadget for the new specs.

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