Nothing Beats Drinking Beer Out of The "Number One Bigfoot Stein"

Before you say anything, don’t tell me you don’t think Bigfoot doesn’t exist. If you do, just stop right there and don’t go on reading.

Bigfoot exists, as so many have had sightings. We just don’t have solid proof yet, but when the time’s right, he’ll show himself. Period.

For the moment, we can get our hands on some awesome stuff like this “Number One Bigfoot Stein”, which is the creation of Munktiki, a shop that designs and manufactures “tiki mugs and ceramic oddities”.

They’re not one of those shops that you can see every day, everywhere online. I’ll just leave this here.

If you don’t recognize that, well, he’s the anti-Santa Claus to put it simply. Krampus. The stuff childhood Christmas nightmares are made of. Step aside, Grinch.

But this is not about the Krampus stein. That was a resounding success to be sure, but the Munktiki are at it again, and I do think stein lovers will want to back their Number One Bigfoot Stein project.

Here’s a peek at the stein without a lid.

Yes, Bigfoot has a son. Or maybe even two. I do wonder if he has daughters, too? I mean, he needs to mate, right?

Anyhow…these steins are extremely detailed, and come with lids, too.

If you’re a beer drinker, then you might be daft if you don’t want one of these steins; and, even if you’re not, this would be an awesome addition to anyone’s collection. Certainly better than that porcelain stuff you see in…nevermind.

Here’s the explainer video of the project.

And you can back them up below – and get the perks. Hurry because they’re running out fast.

Get ready for International Beer Day!
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