Nova #1 (Marvel) – Comic Review

Nova is a character that has a longer history than some people might realize. He was part of the “next generation” of young heroes Marvel introduced in the 70s, and has always been a sort of cosmic Peter Parker, with an origin and premise that bares more than a passing resemblance to Green Lantern.

I have followed Richard Ryder over the years in the various incarnations of his series, starting with his second attempt at a solo title in the 90s. At that time, he was a pony tail wearing, attitude having, scruffy looking “90s dude”…and it sucked.

Several years later, Eric Larson (an admittedly HUGE fan of Nova) was given the opporunity to write a new ongoing series featuring the character. The series was marred by terrible artists and a revamp of Nova that was happening simultaneously over in a separate New Warriors title and..well…it sucked.

So this is Nova’s 4th outing in a solo title…and of the different versions I’ve read, this is by far the best he’s ever been.

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The concept of Nova is very VERY similar to the concept of Green Lantern. There is a Nova Corp, and that Nova Corp serves as a sort of intergalactic police force for the universe (ya know, like Green Lanterns). Apparently during the Annihilation War, the entire Corp was wiped out, with only Richard Rider surviving, and absorbing the collective power of all the Nova Corp members. He is now even housing the Worldmind (which is apparently a vast source of knowledge and dispatch for the Nova Corp…and a snarky one at that).

Richard and the Worldmind have an interesting back and forth between them. I read someone compare it to Michael and K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider, and I think that’s a pretty accurate representation.

In this issue, Richard is trying desperately to do the work the ENTIRE Corp used to do, to protect the universe. He’s running from one disaster to another without taking the time to eat or sleep, and it’s starting to wear him down. At this point, Richard has been away from Earth for the entire Civil War…so he has no idea how everything has changed…but he’s going to find out in the next few issues.

I didn’t follow the Annihilation story at all, and I had no trouble understanding what was happening in this first issue. I think it’s a great starting point for new readers (who woulda thought? I #1 that’s an actual starting point!), and one of the best comics Marvel has produced in a while (and that’s saying a lot with all the good post Civil War stuff they’ve been producing).

I highly recommend you pick up this first issue, and jump on the Nova bandwagon.

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