Yes, you read that right: NSFW! Not that I would want your job if you would risk to get fired for this (or for wasting valuable company time trying to find Star Wars porn online… while at work). Just keep your job, tyvm.

But rules are rules, so instead as a leadpic for this post you get…

… original ‘A New Hope’ Stormtrooper helmets.

If last week you received Slave Leia car-wash and Carrie Fisher sunbathing on set, today we have to speak business. Real business. I mean, why otherwise the [NSFW] tag? That’s right, Zeh Germans were at again and what does that mean? Boobs!

Hey, you! Yes, you at the back there! Behave, we already had enough of drool here at FG in last days!

Daniel Josefsohn, a German photographer is the subject of an exposition at the Kunstverein in Hamburg, Germany. Topic of the exhibition: naked women with Stormtrooper helmet.

Additionally the German photographer created a skateboard limited series with yes, you guessed correctly…

Only 50 boards are produced and all are numbered by the artist. Other than your visit to Germany, you’ll also have to bring some €350 to get yours. If you aren’t too late yet.

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