FIVE Ocarina of Time Replicas from Legend of Zelda Kokiri Edition Up for Grabs!

If you didn’t win the Laser-etched Wood Hyrule Map from Neutral Ground, here’s your chance to get free Zelda stuff. We know just how much you guys love swag, and we’re all lucky to have very generous people who provide ForeverGeek readers awesome gizmos and gadgets.

This week, we’re giving away not one, not two, not even three, but FIVE Ocarina of Time from Legend of Zelda Kokiri Edition.

We can thank the heavens for Songbird Ocarina, who manufactures some of America’s finest ocarinas. If you don’t know how to play one, the shop also offers songbooks to help you along. Or you can find someone to teach you. ;)

So what are you going to get? This.

Songbird had been thinking long and hard about creating this particular ocarina, and after partnering up with Stein Ocarina, they came up with “the most ergonomically comfortable, visually accurate, and musically pleasing plastic Ocarina of Time replica available.”

It’s made of plastic, yes, but it’s light and durable. Additionally, Songbird says that the ocarina is heavy in detail, with a “tuning system is like the English 6 hole pendant system. As a result, the Kokiri edition features the identical button layout from the classic Zelda games and has a fingering system that easily translates to and from any of our other 6 hole ocarinas. Thanks to this innovation, you get to play the exact ocarina that Link used to save Hyrule!”

I think you’ve read enough, haven’t you?

Oh, wait. There’s one more thing – or two.

Songbird has included an instructional Zelda songbook to help new and experienced ocarina players. The booklet is full of useful tips and the Zelda songs you can’t wait to play: Zelda’s Lullaby, Saria’s Sing (Lost Woods), Kokiri Forest, Epona’s Song (Lon Lon Ranch), Song of Storms (Windmill Song), The Market Song, Song of Time.

So yes, your ocarina won’t just be for display. You can actually play it, and show off, too!

Songbird has more to offer, so I suggest you check them out on:

The Ocarina of Time Giveaway

We’ve got FIVE Ocarina of Time Replicas: Kokiri Edition ready for ForeverGeek readers.

Want to be this dude?

You know what to do, but please note that this giveaway is open only for U.S. addresses. The giveaway starts today, June 8 and ends on June 14. The winners will be announced on June 15.

Aside from that, go ahead and follow the Rafflecopter instructions and send in as many entries as you want to win one of the FIVE ocarinas.

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Good luck!

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