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4 Odd, New Tech Projects that Might Be Worth the Investment

When it comes to new and innovative technology, it’s not all about VR goggles, wireless earbuds, and exploding phones. Sometimes you have to take a risk on something a little bit weirder to consider yourself a true tech geek.

Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo sometimes offer a first glimpse at some of the oddest but most intriguing bits of technology being created around the world. I’ve gathered together four different projects that might be worth the risk of investing in*.

1. Glance Clock

Have you ever wanted to check the time, the weather, or how well you did on your last attempt at exercise, but you were too lazy to look at your phone, your wrist, or out the window, then the Glance Clock is for you!

At first, it seemed that the Glance Clock was a bit of an unnecessary show off. Why would I need a round LED big hand/little hand clock to show all my visiting friends how much I sat on my butt all day or that it was time to pick up my hemorrhoid medicine at the pharmacy? But after checking out the video, I realized that some of these features were pretty cool and really useful.

It’s really up to you what you want to receive reminders for, whether it’s an Uber pickup or when it’s time to check on dinner (or cookies with my hot cookie-loving girlfriend as seen in the video). The animations are unique to each type of reminder and depending on where you display it, the Glance Clock could be a necessary tool to keep the easily distracted from missing important information. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with one more cool sci-fi looking bit of decoration adorning your walls. It’s not all about lightsabers and Doctor Who posters.
The Glance Clock is currently available for $99 US on Indiegogo and should be shipping February 2017 from Singapore.

2. iBand+

It’s got a small “i” at the beginning of its name, so it’s got to be cool! Have you ever had a dream that you didn’t really want to end? Or a nightmare that you wished you could get out of? The iBand+ is an EEG headband that just might let you put the control of your dreams into your own hands (your dreamworld hands at least).

I know I’ve experienced such a phenomenon without the iBand+ in the past and I’ve always wished I could find a way to recreate that moment, especially the ones where I’m flying… or at least levitating over my childhood home for some reason.

Don’t expect the iBand+ to translate your dreams, but you can expect this bit of tech to read your brain waves through the EEG headband interface and use visual and audio stimulation to trigger what’s called “lucid dreaming”, where you’re still asleep, but also awake enough to take control.

iBand+ also monitors your sleep patterns and tells you how well you slept the night before, with a weird blinking headband strapped to your forehead. I don’t know how well I would sleep wearing one, but if it helps me become Superman in my dreams, then I’m willing to find out.
The iBand+ starts at about $156 US on Kickstarter and is expected to ship to early bird supporters in July 2017 from the Netherlands.

3. Sisyphus

Now this is one of those pieces of technology that borders on magical and serves no purpose other than to look really, really cool. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that. Just looking at the artistic combination of metal, wood, sand, and that little chrome ball is enough to keep me mesmerized for hours.

Who cares what’s on that new curved 4K TV I just bought, my table is full of magnets and is controlled from my smartphone to make elaborate designs of my choosing! It’s pricey, but for those with the cash, this seems like a no-brainer.

If nothing else, I’d get it and let a friend house sit for a night without telling him what it is. And while I’m gone have it scrawl out creepy messages while I’m at another friend’s house down the street, watching it all on a hidden camera. Which reminds me… get a hidden web camera.
Sisyphus is available on Kickstarter, starting at $645 and topping out at about $7500 per table. Whoa. Expect them to arrive October 2017 from the US.

4. Snoppa M1

I have to admit I’m a bit of a picture and video geek, but anytime I attempt to shoot some fun walking around videos from a convention or other fun places here in California, it all turns out as a jumbled mess. Sure, stabilized camera grips are nothing new, especially in the motion picture industry.

Even for the amateur videographer, there have been a number of options available to keep your videos from looking like you shot them in a bouncy castle. But whenever I tried them, it always felt like I wasn’t holding it right. Either I overpowered it or underpowered it and my grip never felt right, at least when mounting a standard digital camera or a GoPro.

What makes the Snoppa M1 different is that it was made to work primarily with smartphones and the grip just looks right. You’ll have to watch the video to see the tech in action and see what I mean. The only thing I worry about is that it might only work with its proprietary mobile app via a Bluetooth connection, rather than allowing all or some of its features to work openly with other mainstream video apps like Facebook Live, Snapchat, or Instagram. That remains to be seen.

But the app as it’s portrayed in the video seems very robust and really brings out the coolest functionality I’ve ever seen in a single handed gimbal grip. It really allows me to get out of the way of the shot, which I’m not good at on my own.
The Snoppa M1 is available now on Indiegogo to support starting at $69, shipping as soon as December 2016 from Hong Kong. Expect additional shipping cost to the US, depending on the package you choose.

Has any of this new technology caught your eye? Let us know in the comments what YOU look for when shopping for the latest in geeky tech.

*ForeverGeek makes no claims or promises that these companies will follow through on their projects, so support at your own risk.

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