Of Eyeglasses, Geeks, and Nerds

“When it comes to eyeglasses, it’s cool to look like a nerd.”

What say you? I have had to wear glasses since I was in third grade, so I don’t really know about glasses looking cool. (Yeah, talk about looking cool to a 9-year-old who had to wear humongous pink glasses. Oh, and yes, I hated pink.)

If we are going to go with the stereotype, though, eyeglasses are indeed usually associated with the nerdy type. For some reason, eyeglasses seem to be the “in” thing. It follows that looking like a nerd is cool now?

Before fashionistas start hating on me, let me clarify – the frames have to be of a certain style. They have to be big – no, oversized – plastic frames. Don’t take my word for it – I only know about functional eyeglasses and not fashionable ones. An article at Chron is to blame for this post – read how it says that nerd glasses make you look cool.

It got me thinking about whether or not nerds and geeks who wear eyeglasses put a lot of thought into these accessories. I know for one that I would rather get LASIK, but I have to settle for contact lenses. I wouldn’t mind wearing a pair of silver-framed glasses much like the one a 6 wore in BSG (the one who set off a nuke in Cloud Nine).

So here are my questions:

  1. If you wear eyeglasses and you consider yourself a geek/nerd, do you gravitate towards the chunky librarian-type styles?
  2. If you don’t consider yourself a geek/nerd but wear glasses anyway, do the geek-styled glasses catch your attention?
  3. Do certain frame styles really make one look like a nerd?
  4. Does it really matter???
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