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Office Gadgets to Help You Get Your Geek On at Work

Once upon a time we had to hide our D20s, our maps and our bobbleheads. These days even Disney Princesses are getting FunkoPops made and everybody has their own favorite Doctor. We still keep the D20s hidden, though, because seriously? Don’t Touch Other Peoples’ Dice.

Thanks to the fact that we live in the future we can let our geek flags fly loud and proud even when we are at work. And, of course, because many of you reading this are your office’s “Resident Geek” here are some tech toys for your cube that will let everybody know that yes you are the person who knows what’s up (some of them will even help you be productive!)

Wireless Charging

By now we’ve all heard about the changes coming for the iPhone 7, right? If somehow you’ve managed to disconnect yourself from the web, the new iPhone is doing away with its headphone jack and going with a lone lightning port…which is going to present some challenges if you want to connect anything to your phone and charge it at the same time. Even if this change wasn’t on the books, having a decent wireless charging station at your desk can save you lots of rooting around under your desk for a spare outlet in your power strip.

Noise Canceling Headphones

If you work in tech, you likely know the pain of an open office plan. Even if you work in a cube farm you know how annoying it can be to try to get work done when people around you are chatting or playing their own music or podcasts. If you don’t have a door that you can close to block it all out, you are going to need a good pair of noise canceling headphones. These gadgets are better for your ears than blasting your music at top volume (you can still listen to tunes but you can do it at a normal volume).

BB-8 Lamp

Everybody knows overhead light in an office is rarely good. Sure it might be bright enough to see, but nobody is happy under buzzing fluorescents. You can, however, dilute the fluorescent-ness with your own desk lamp. And seriously, why would you get a plain desk lamp when there are so many great fan-based options out there? We’re big fans of the BB-8 Lamp sold through ThinkGeek but you might prefer a Tardis lamp, or a Spock lamp, or even just a regular lamp that you cover in stickers of your favorite fan artists’ works.

Computer Glasses

Having to stare at screens all day might be your dream job but it is also terrible for your eyes. This is why you should invest in a good pair of computer glasses. These glasses use tinted plastic to help difuse the glare from your screen and make it easier for your eyes to handle the rapid refresh rates of current monitors and devices.

Nerdy Mugs

There are literally millions of different geeky coffee and water mugs out there. If you really want to be able to get your geek on at work, though, you’ll go for the Build On Lego Mug or something like that. This mug is, you guessed it, covered in a lego-compatible covering so you can build your own structures using regular legos.

Solid Laptop Cover

While we’re talking about “build on” stuff, did you know that you can get a “build on” laptop case for your legos too? These cases function just like every other laptop case but this one gives you a foundation on which to build and play with legos. Those boring meetings aren’t going to be boring anymore!

Upgrade Your Power Strip

Power strips are ugly and messy and trap dust like nobody’s business. This is why, to really prove your geek cred in the office, you should switch yours out for the Node. The Node Electrical Outlet plugs into the regular wall outlet but accommodates multiple plugs. The difference is that the plugs’ inputs are contiguous and fit in a loop that sits flat against the wall. Same great multi-device power provider, new awesome look!


Geeks are prepared for anything which is why you definitely want to have that leatherman on hand. In addition to the letherman, you should also check out some of the geekier multitools like the kinds that accommodate cables, etc. There’s the tiny tool that fits around your keys, the EVO, the Lifetrons Multitool, the Guppie, etc. Multitools are your friends. Stock up!

Flying your geek flag is about more than just putting up some fan art doodles. It’s about incorporating your geekiness into all of the different parts of your workspace. Hopefully these ideas will establish your geek cred in the cube farm.

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