One might think that USB flash drives are not too common these days, thanks to the plethora of portable hard drives that can hold way more data than a USB stick. Then again, USB sticks are still more portable, and they do come in handy at times. But when we hear about a LEGO USB stick, the picture totally changes.

Yes, there is an official LEGO USB stick, and it’s available for purchase. AFOLs, this is the only USB flash drive you’ll want to use from now on. Am I right, or am I right?

LEGO USB stick

The LEGO USB stick holds 16GB of data (that’s enough for an HD movie), and it comes with an extra LEGO brick. You know, there’s no telling when you’ll need that extra brick after all.

LEGO USB stick

Aside from the pure coolness that is the LEGO USB stick, there is the convenient fact that it only costs $12.99.

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