Oh My......GOD? That Preacher Finale.....

AMC’s Preacher has been a thing of beauty, much like I told you all it would be. From the utterly engrossing cast of insane characters to the spiritual and supernatural elements, it is fun and funny and f*cked up, which is EXACTLY what made the comic book series so phenomenal in the first place. But anyone who has read the complete comic series can tell you, the show truly moves to its own beat. And though it is telling the main storyline of Preacher, much like AMC’s other comic adaptation, The Walking Dead, it is veering from the comic stories a bit so viewers wont have it all spoiled. The end result has been one of the most unique and engrossing first seasons of TV I have seen since Game of Thrones, real talk. I am invested in these characters, I love them and love to hate some of them. and I truly could not stop watching this whole 10 episode run. Gimme more, stat. The road trip has truly just begun for Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip, and oh, the places they will go!

But (and there is always a but) can we take a moment to talk about that Preacher finale a bit? That was some mind-blowing, spiritually-skewing genius.


How many shows have the BALLS (those who saw the episode will appreciate that reference) to have GOD show up, and then have it all revealed to be a hoax with Heaven itself having NO IDEA where God is? Just the sheer amount of chutzpah that took to pull off (and to do so hilariously) was unlike anything else on TV right now. Granted, many of us are quite upset about Arsef…Eugene being in Hell, but don’t forget, so is Preacher. He knows he made a mistake and wants to atone for that, desperately. That is what makes him so human in the inhumane world he occupies. Because yes, Jesse Custer has his flaws, but hidden in between them, there are hints of someone saintly. In between all the drinking and dick shooting off, that is. He is like Han Solo crossed with John Wayne (comic reference), crossed with the preacher from Dead Alive.

Also, being huge fan of the show Misfits, you have no idea how happy it makes me to see Cassidy-Tulip scenes. Watch Misfits (Hulu) right now to see what I am talking about. Actually, no. Watch Preacher first. It is astounding. Ity will make you find your faith in God, lose it, find it again, and possibly lose it again. Name one other show that can do that? Thought so.

Plus, you HAVE to watch it. God would want it no other way. If he hadn’t abandoned humanity and his position in Heaven, that is.

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