Oh No, Game of Thrones is Almost Over For Good (and How This Forever Changes Sundays)

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It kind of just hit me this past Sunday night. Sitting there, drinking mead at House Stewart, it hit me like a wayward punch from The Mountain. Game of Thrones (on HBO at least) is ALMOST OVER! I know this could be followed by a resounding “so what?” but honestly, so many of us have carefully carved out our Sundays for the past six years, and though we may still have one full season and a few single episodes left, think about that. We are at the part in the race where we can ACTUALLY see a finish line. While that is great for many shows, and ANY STORY that gets to tell itself in full without being canceled is a great thing, but Thrones kind of changed how we watch TV. It made TV ritualistic again. Allow me to explain.

For a long time (since the inception of TV, actually), people had to work their schedules around when their favorite shows aired. If your favorite show was on Sunday night, guess what? On-Demand and DVR did not exist yet, and you usually had to sit down and watch the show you liked WHEN it was on. But over the last decade how we watch TV entirely changed. Now our TV shows play for us when we demand them to (like insisting a court jester to randomly dance for our amusement) and it made things really, well, easy. But Game of thrones on Sunday nights changed that. We found ourselves getting together with friends and family again because we KNEW if we didn’t watch it when it aired, some dumb ass co-worker or vidiot on social media would ruin some major twist for us. So once again, for the first time since Simpson’s Sundays (first ten years), we had TV we watched when it was on. Game of Thrones made event television again. And on Sunday again, no less. How convenient.

But at the end of next season (and we know how freaking short the seasons are), we lose Game of Thrones, the TV show, forever. Like I said, some could say so what, but really, what next? We may get a spin-off or something of a similar ilk, but we all know The Cleveland Show was NO Family Guy. I know we have Preacher, and I know The Walking Dead will shamble back (and kill Glenn, spoiler alert), but it wont be the same. Much like they warned for seasons on GOT, Winter is Coming. well, sadly, Sundays are Changing.

We are losing Game of Thrones, and much like when Neddard Stark lost his head, this will be a loss felt by all. But don’t fret. I am sure there will be a shit-ton of things that traumatize us on the show between now and the time it ends, so maybe by then we will just be grateful this act of weekly masochism will be over on our part. Guess we will just have to wait and see.

*shouts Hodor and weeps

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