Oh Noes! The Sky is Falling!

News that a tiny asteroid, dubbed 2010 ST3, is on a potential collision course with Earth has emerged from the Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System. 2010 ST3 has a diameter of 50 meters, so yeah…it’s a wee one.

But even the most wee of asteroids can pack a mean punch when they hit the ground. The impact of an asteroid like 2010 ST3 can be the equivalent of unleashing a 20 megaton bomb. Not such a tiny repercussion.

2010 ST3 is currently 20 million miles away from us, and in no hurry to get here. It won’t arrive in our little corner of space until 2098. So we have plenty of time to plan for the potential Armageddon.

Assuming I’m still alive in 2098, which seems highly unlikely since I will be the ripe old age of 119, I’ll be heading for the mountains with a few of my most favorite, most geeky possessions. If the sky is falling, I’ll take…

– My Lord of the Rings director’s cut trilogy DVDs with bonus footage
– My unopened limited edition Boromir and Faramir collectible dolls
– My collection of soundtracks to classic geek films
– My comic books – including digital ones…which means my computer, too
– My Xena poster, as well as my poster of Zhaan
– My mod files for Marvel Ultimate Alliance video game…gotta play me some Emma Frost
– My simple but incredibly useful Logitech joystick for City of Heroes
– My homemade UNIX shell, since I’m bringing my PC, so I don’t have to throw my computer out the window every time I have to dig my hands into the guts of Microsoft OS

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How about you – what will you bring, supposing you too are around for the big 2098 show – that’s indispensable in your life as a geek?

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