Older Technology is Still Geek-Worthy

Especially Since Your Phone Now Does it All

Smart phone addiction has recently been determined to be a real thing, largely because they allow us to stay connected and entertained every minute of the day. That addiction can make us less industrious, but the tools on our phones can add to our productivity by eliminating the need for separate bulky devices. We still need the older technologies; the difference is that we can now carry them in our pockets.

Seven Vital Things That Your Smart Phone Can Do

Your phone is not just a gaming and texting device. Thanks to Internet access from just about any location, you now carry countless conveniences with you at all times. Here are seven of them.

#1. Telephones

According to one historical account, the trusty rotary dial phone was largely phased out in the 1970s. Even these dinosaurs have made a recent comeback, largely due to nostalgia buffs, but younger generations generally cannot figure out how to use them.

Many of today’s homes and offices take advantage of Internet-based Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone systems. VOIP offers amazing power, including the ability to send calls to your smart phone. Of course, it only takes your smart phone to make you reachable day or night — and to allow you to make a call in an emergency without finding a phone booth.

Have you even seen a phone booth lately? Probably not. Nobody uses them anymore … except Dr. Who.

#2. Fax machines

Most people expected fax technology to completely fall by the wayside by this time, but it remains in use within certain industries in the U.S. and across the globe. At some point in life, you’ll be called upon to send a fax.

The good news is that you don’t have to maintain your own machine or travel to a copy shop that offers fax services for big bucks because the Internet makes secure faxing available. There are many online fax options to choose from, and they typically run on anything from computers to smart phones.

#3. VHS tapes and DVDs

Your cable company probably lets you record programs on DVR boxes. In fact, DVR use is so prevalent that most people set their own viewing schedules to the point where they barely know the scheduled times for their shows.

You might still need a DVD player if you have had your old 8 MM family movies preserved, but the movies you want to see stream to your TV — and even to your tablet or phone.

#4. Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)

Not too long ago, countless people felt very important when they pulled out their Palm Pilots or similar devices. What could be cooler than pulling a computer out of their pockets?

As long as your pocket has a smart phone in it, you now have more power than you ever had with a PDA, and it’s probably less bulky, too. If that’s not enough for you, then talk to the digital assistant that’s part of many systems in your home. Siri, for example, understands a seemingly-endless set of commands.

#5. Calculators

You probably don’t carry paper and pencils, and you only have ten fingers and toes to help you add ten plus ten. Luckily, you carry a smart phone that undoubtedly has an advanced calculator. Keep your toes in your shoes, and let your fingers become more useful when used on your phone to compute a restaurant tip or calculate the Pythagorean theorem.

#6. Voice recorders

Are you old enough to remember when office secretaries transcribed dictation from a tiny little tape? These days, tape transcription is virtually extinct, but rumor has it that the little tapes can still be purchased today.

More commonly, we use recordings to remind us of important things during a busy day. It’s as easy as pulling out the smart phone, starting a recording app, and speaking some words of wisdom.

#7. CRT televisions

Of all now-antiquated devices, these bulky behemoths may be the ones that we miss the least. In addition to requiring too many muscles to lift a moderately-sized TV, they bring back memories of times when we had a choice of only a few local channels.

Happily, today’s large flat-screen models have pretty much replaced them, providing amazing resolution while actually being light weight . Even more amazing, we can now stream our viewing choices to tablets — and, of course, smart phones. You can’t get more portable than that!

Your Phone Can Do Anything … With One Caveat

Smart phones provide more power than ever before. But, now that we live our lives through a single pocket-sized device, security is even more important than ever before. Think twice before you download an app from an unknown provider. Get a reliable password manager or learn to create your own secure ones. Keep current on updates, and install a good anti-virus app.

Enjoy the power of your phone, but use it regularly to stay current on the latest security threats. Always remember the words of John McAfee, who said, “Our mobile phones have become the greatest spy on the planet.”

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