Omega Paradox - Is It Catching?

Omega Paradox #0

Looking at today’s shipping list, there is little that really excites me; in fact, I would say it is positively quiet. So I am going to take a chance and recommend Omega Paradox, purely on the strength of the cover, which as you can see, is beautifully constructed.

Now I have very little to base this on, simply the cover and the solicitation, which read as follows:

A man who may hold the key to keeping the universe together hides behind a scholarly front.

Five unlikely teammates seek him, but can they keep it together long enough to find him and who’s agenda do they follow?

Regular readers will know I am a sucker for cosmic stories and cosmically oriented characters, from Archaia’s Steward in Days Missing, to the many incarnations of Solar, Man Of The Atom. Characters that were far more successful at the act of being ‘plugged in’ than say, DC’s Takion or Waverider (not that I would object to seeing them again, but I doubt that would happen). A good writer can really pull you in to the large concepts, especially when a good emotional ingredient is added, Steward’s love for humanity, Solar’s love for Gayle.

I looked for information on the company, and it appears that it has risen out of a comics forum (here), and a Facebook page for the title. Other than that, I know nothing. So, the above solicitation could be indicating a superb and complicated plot with subtle agendas; or it could end up being as complicated as the early issues of Youngblood. I have my fingers crossed.

On the topic of Omega, the End Of All Things (Hail Darkseid!), I want to bring your attention to the Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine. Despite the generic and cringe worthy title, this is a surprisingly enjoyable read, that takes more than five minutes. This is more than the standard ‘hack and slash’ that one would expect from the concept, and possibly expands on the Punisher vs The Marvel Universe, only this time with emotion, interest and less guns! The writer clearly has an understanding of Logan’s personality, as the narration is deeper than the standard ‘Savage Philip Marlowe’ style of the Wolverine explosion in the Nineties.

In the meantime, Flashpoint drags towards it’s inevitable conclusion at the end of this month. The closer we get to the new 52, the less I am interested in the other titles. I wonder if I am alone in this, or if this is reflected in DC’s sales figures this month. Now there’s an omega paradox.

Now, I’ve had some thoughts about the disappearance of the Justice Society in the solicitations. We have seen (New) Earth 2 already, when Power Girl was sent home by Gog in their sort of Kingdom crossover. Are we going to be returning to a pre-Crisis style status quo? I hope so.

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