Google Feud is one of the funniest games ever made. Oddly enough, it’s not necessarily meant to be funny. The humor in this game comes from surprising answers. Just like on the Family Feud TV show, you can never guess what’s on some people’s minds.


Have you ever thought twice before Googling something? These days, the search engine predicts what you’re about to type—while you’re typing. This can be unsettling, especially when querying something personal (e.g. “How to tell if you’re pregnant”). Google’s search predictions are based on previous searches. Since it’s the most popular search engine on Earth, it can provide extremely accurate (and occasionally odd) suggestions.

The game Google Feud is like a Google sandbox. It appears to be a blend of the search engine and the big board from Family Feud. And that’s what this game is all about: playing Family Feud with Google. Answers from a 100-person survey isn’t good enough; in this game, the answers come from millions of searches. Each query, and the autocomplete results, are from real searches. Therein lies the beauty of this game: it’s real, and it’s really funny.


Searches (i.e. questions) are divided into four categories. The most straightforward category is Names, which consists of famous figures from around the world. The query you must complete consists of a full name or title. For example, “Dennis ___” might yield “Rodman” or “the Menace.” The Names group is the least exciting of the bunch.
The other three categories will indubitably cause laughter. The People section consists of things that we humans say. For example, “I smell ___” or “I ate an entire ___”. You can see where the humor comes into play; completely genuine concerns may have hilarious results. Culture is another funny category, and surprisingly so. “Poems about ___” and “Kale is ___” might seem like innocuous queries, but they’re not. The more you play Google Feud, the more hilarity you’ll encounter.


The final category is Questions, and it is the focus of this video from top YouTuber PrestonPlayz – Minecraft. Preston and his sister have a blast trying to complete the questions in Google Feud. They encounter a bunch of silly queries and answers, like “What happens if you microwave an iPhone?” and “Why is my boyfriend so stupid?”
Preston’s playthrough video accumulated upwards of a half-million views in just a few days. He and his sister are laughing throughout, both surprised and entertained by the standard gameplay in Google Feud. It’s the perfect showcase of how a single-player game can be enjoyed by more than one person.


There is a score in Google Feud, and that’s great for those keeping track. After watching videos and playing for yourself, you might not care about the score. The joy of Google Feud lies in round after round of silliness. People search for the strangest things on Google, and the most popular queries are in this game. If you think you know what the public is thinking, or you just want a good laugh, try Google Feud.

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