One Piece Episode 1062 will get released soon, and here, we have talked about the release schedule of the popular and longest-running anime seriesnext episode.

The fight between Sanji and Queen is finally over, and now, it seems that the long-running fight between Zoro and King will be over soon. In fact, fans already believe that Zoro will overwhelm the king with his newfound powers. That’s what makes the fans of the series go restless, so if you cannot wait to know about the upcoming episode’s release date and time, here it is.

When does One Piece Episode 1062 get released?

One Piece Episode 1062 will come out on Crunchyroll one and a half an hour after its Japanese release, so here, we have listed the exact timings that you can follow to track the episode:

What’s currently going on in the manga?

One Piece manga has finally picked up its pace, especially after T-Bone’s death. While everyone is under the impression that Sabo killed T-Bone, the real killer’s identity is still unknown. For now, we only know that the killer has joined Buggy’s crew, and the Clown has promised to protect this person from the Marines.

On the other hand, Mihawk and Crocodile aren’t exactly happy with how Buggy has taken charge of the ship and the crew. However, Buggy moves the motivation of his crew towards the ultimate treasure, One Piece. This infuriates Mihawk and Crocodile, but they can’t do anything apart from accepting that Buggy was able to get his crew to follow him. Sabo, on the other hand, finally comes out of hiding, and his allies feel relieved that Sabo is actually alive. Sabo then continues on to hold a meeting with Monkey D. Dragon and Emporio Ivankov.

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