Open Books Quicker With Lightsaber Bookends

Say what you will about Episodes I-III of the Star Wars series, one thing they did very well was the lightsabers. Right off the bat they were slicing through doors, turning robots into victims of a laser-formed ginsu knife, and let’s not even get started about Darth Maul’s double-sided piece of awesome. It was one of the neat things about those films.

So what better way to keep all of that Star Trek fan fiction you’ve been writing in one place than with a pair of lightsaber bookends? That’s right, you too can have it appear like your books are the victim of a Sith lord’s lightsaber, all for just $49.99. But wait, there’s more! Once you install a pair of batteries, just flick a switch and watch the lightsaber glow! Still not cool enough? Then go buy something else, I really don’t care.

Seriously though, I have this empty bookshelf over my desk right now and I’ve been looking for things to put on it and add some personal flair at the same time. I’ve thought about Futurama figurines, Legos, but now, maybe I’ll consider something like this. It’s got just the right mix of Geek and cool all in one.

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