The Origins of Smart Tech We Take for Granted

Part of the allure of science fiction is that it has at least some groundings in reality. Though it may take place on alien planets or farther into the future than any of us will live to see, the characters have human qualities that we can relate to. Because of that, it becomes all the more fun to imagine using all the cool technology and unlikely gadgets that are a staple of the genre.

In the real world, technology takes longer to come around, and it often comes in gradual steps so that we don’t notice once it’s here that it was thought to be impossible just a short time ago. Now everyone walks around with a database of information in their pockets, a small device that lets them communicate with people at any time instantly, or that can control the lights and appliances in our homes.

The smartphone is just one piece of “sci-fi” tech turned real, however. Dozens of other examples have cropped up and ceased to be fiction even as early as through the submarine, an icon of Jules Verne’s classic “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.” In the modern world, it’s things like Star Trek and Minority Report that are influencing the waves of tech that are currently coming out.

Check out the list we’ve put together of “impossible” tech and the real devices that exist to do the same thing. Who knows what could be next?

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