Our Favorite Female Movie Super Heroines

The success of the recently released Frozen 2 tells us one thing and one thing alone…women in films are more popular than ever! From Wonder Woman to Superwoman- the strength of the female super-heroine seems ever growing.

What’s more, the success of films such as Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel and even animations such as Frozen showcase that the film market is ever evolving. No longer do we simply want to watch submissive princesses as we did in past, bygone eras. Instead we want the female ferocity of Merida from Brave… the fiery freeness of Elsa from Frozen and the independence of Mulan!

But who are our leading ladies and what is so special about them?

Who are our top female heroines?

Wonder Woman

The Amazonian princess on a quest to help humanity who just happens to be fierce in the process! But before debuting in film, Wonder Woman has been an animated icon for nearly 80 years and through her lifetime served as a symbol of all prevailing truth, enduring justice and enduring equality amongst all.

Wonder Woman shows us all that it is possible to be kind yet clever and powerful and battle the forces of evil. Wonder Woman, Diana not only takes charge in a man dominated war-torn film setting but also leads the way in a film series (and multiverse) which is predominantly dictated by men.

Thankfully, with the 21st century paving the way for female empowerment, it’s about time for fantasy fiction- both animation and live-action alike – to follow suit.


The kind-hearted princess who has isolated herself in a fortress of solitude. But despite this we love her! So, what makes her so loveable/admirable? Could it be the fact that she’s willing to tackle the torment of isolation for the safety of her sister? Or perhaps the fact that she still fulfils her duties to her country and people, despite the unfounded mistrust and fear they display for her? A selfless princess who sacrifices her happiness for others. A true inspiration.


The fiercely independent Scottish princess who refuses to conform. After all, who wants to marry a prince whom she barely knows? From riding horses, climbing mountains and awe-inspiring archery, Merida proves that she needs no protection ad instead she is a force to be reckoned with! Add in the testy relationship of a mother and daughter and a witch’s spell and you have got the making of a brilliantly brave film!

Cat Woman

Played by Halle Berry in the 2004 film is perfect in playing the dual role of polite and sensitive artist patience and then transforming into the street prowling Cat Woman. Halle Berry is perfect in the role as she showcases that women can be both strong and sensitive without compromise. Add in some well-choreographed feline fight moves and you have got the making of a great character. Halle Berry just seems to have a knack for playing superheroine roles, as she also played the role of Storm in the 2000’ era X Men films- proving that Berry is just as super as the superheroine character roles that she plays.

Captain Marvel

A character played by American Brie Larson. Larson is one of the newest Marvel characters and her role revolves around Vers, perhaps one of the most instrumental members of the Marvel superheroine team. A woman… a pilot… a warrior- Vers is a woman with a complicated past, a member of the alien Kree race, caught in a battle with the Skrull.

With memories of her past haunting her nightly, Kree warrior Vers only truly unlocks the secret to her past when she crashes on earth in an attempt to escape the Skrull. Vers is eventually identified as Carol Danvers, a fighter pilot who coordinated with the original Kree called Mar-vell in an attempt to destroy the energy core powering light speed engine. However, as a result of the explosion- Danvers instead absorbs the energy and become the heroine known as Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel’s backstory only goes to prove that female heroines more than freely risk their own safety and even lives to protect not only humanity but alien races alike. Regardless of species, good resides in many across the galaxy, and Marvel proves that human conscience prevails regardless of the attempted corruption and (albeit in this case alien) interference alike.

So regardless of whether our super-heroines are American or alien or simply have American voiceovers – it’s clear to see that women are equally as instrumental in defending the world from danger, be that domestic or extra-terrestrial.

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