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Outcast Finally Got Good (During the Season Finale)

I almost didn’t make it. Outcast (new Cinemax show based on popular Robert Kirkman comic book, Kirkman being best known for The Walking Dead, and this being best known as the longest parentheses ever) started with a great premise but suffered from this disease of talky talky talky but nothing actually happening. A few demon possessions here and there, but for the most part, it was very cookie cutter stuff that seemed to move at a snail’s pace. As bored as I got halfway through the season, I told myself shows often need a meh first season to find their momentum (look at Parks and Rec as a great example of this, and the more recent Preacher, which used its season one as a sort of prequel to the whole story) and sure enough, the last two episodes (moreover, the last) were spectacular and creepy and everything I had prayed the show would be when I first heard about it.

Now here is the rub, I can’t actually tell you about it because I am writing this to make you watch the show (or to tell people who stopped because of its pacing or lack thereof) that it is a train ride worth staying on until it reaches its destination. It is a very unique take on demon possession (getting possessed is apparently as easy as catching a cold) and the tone of the show is a bit slow, but once it builds it sparks a curiosity in you (where is this show going?) that makes it worth watching.

So done with Stranger Things and want more creepy, cool, weirdness? Check out Outcast. Slow build but creates a very cool tone for the next season(s) and is a fun, creepy look into a world we should be happy we take no part in (because demon possession is not real, sorry kids).

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