Why 'Outcast' TV Show Needs To Pick Up the Pace

First off, let me make something very clear. If you were to ask me if I liked the new Cinemax adaptation of the Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead) comic Outcast, I would tell you yes, but I would tell you yes with trepidation. I like the show, and find it creepy and intriguing, but something is off. I just find the pace of the storytelling five episodes in to be a little slow. This is a show about demons and possession, so by this point there should have been some REAL scares on this show, but besides the “old lady” very little about the show has been as scary as the subject matter itself.

Read on if you have seen the show. If not, go catch up then come back and read this.

We know the ‘Outcast’ character can affect demons somehow, and they are giving us very little insight as to why or how, which is fine if they give us some pay offs but therehave been so few up to this point in the show. The problem is, the pacing tends to only work in extremes on the show. The cast are either brooding over the past or someone is gyrating and being ‘possessed.’ The acting is great, and the central story is an inviting and creative idea, but I guess the only way I can explain it I expect more from things with Kirkman’s name attached at this point. Read the comic Invincible if you want an example of what I mean. The man is George R.R. Martins levels of twisted genius, but the demons on his show need to start f*cking shit up or they may just find their audience walking (dead) away.

Sorry, that was awful.

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