Overanalysis of the Implications of Star Trek XI to Star Trek Online (2010)

We’re too excited for Star trek Online. I mean, who isn’t? Dear reader, if you think the ecstasy of being able to captain your own starship and go where no one has gone before from the depths of your basement isn’t all too appealing, then by Spock’s ears take a hike and click here.

Star Trek fans have the tendency to over explain things (like me). And with due reasons — that’s what the series has been doing since TOS. So yes the devs are big fans too — I found this article hidden in the Star Trek Online website and with the release of the new Star Trek (XI), the developers put out an article explaining how it will affect the movie. Fellow geeks, STO takes place 30 years after the last movie Star Trek: Nemesis. More accurately, there’s a good back story with Star Trek: Countdown a limited comic book run that served as a prelude to Star Trek XI.

Another supplementary reading you can view would be the online fiction from the Star Trek Online archives themselves. Most interesting is the mention of interactions with Commander Data (resurrected in ST: Countdown) after a successful memory transfer from the original Android B4.

I meet with Captain Data in the ready room of the starship Enterprise. He’s gone through a lot to get where he is. There have been concerns within Starfleet about his ability to do his job, after the destruction of his original body. However, the work done by Geordi La Forge and the Soong Foundation to resuscitate the “Data matrix” lodged within B-4 appears to have been a complete success. Certainly, the last four years during which he has been Captain of the Enterprise would indicate that. [Path to 2409]

The article was obviously meant to be read by the uninitiated as the concept of Time Travel and disruptions in the space time continuum are things all Federation graduates eat for breakfast.

The explanation of the implications of XI to the online game is a crucial tie in, as I feel that the game itself will play an important part of the Star Trek bible and things that unfold from it.

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